Gut bacteria increases risk of depression, impaired memory

March 28, 2015 15:24
Gut bacteria increases risk of depression, impaired memory

A study recently published in the journal Biological Psychiatry revealed that a high-fat diet produces changes in health and behavior (partly) by altering a person’s gut microbiota.

To know whether bacteria in the gut can alter behavioral patterns, even in animals that do not exhibit obesity. The research was conducted in non obese adult mice who were fed a normal diet were implanted with bacteria from rodents who had consumed large amounts of fat. These animals were then monitored over time, and their behavior and cognition were measured against a control group who received microbes from mice fed a normal diet.

It was observed that the mice who received microbiota shaped by high fat diet had shown multiple behaviors like increased anxiety, impaired memory and repetitive behaviors. Further, they showed many detrimental effects in the body, including increased intestinal permeability and markers of inflammation.

This new study provides more evidence supporting correlations between gut bacteria and certain psychological conditions.

AW: Lizitha

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