How to handle Jealousy..

April 01, 2013 17:13
How to handle Jealousy..

Right from 'puraanaas' to people around us, irrespective of the life style, education and the behavioral traits, may be at the work place or at home amongst our loved ones itself, may be in a reality show or in a serial that is being aired on Television, one common behavioral trait we see in people and many times notice in us as well is 'Jealousy'...

It is so very difficult to appreciate others for what they are and us for what we are instead of comparing two different life styles... isn't it???

But, is this the kind of mind set we want to live in? Is this the kind of thought process we let our next generation possess, learning from us? Is it so difficult to appreciate others with clean heart and live a peaceful life?

The only thing we are lacking in is practicing this positive way of living, getting carried away by our thoughts, behaving according to the actions of our mind. As a result, our fickle mind and thoughts are controlling us, instead of we controlling it...

Now, the question is, how can we get rid of 'jealousy'??? Not even for a fraction of second, how can we succeed not being 'jealous'???

Simple, love yourself, your life... if you really not willing to accept certain things in your life, instead of comparing the same with those who possess, change your life as you want... but think before doing so, in order to not to repent later… instead of wasting a valuable minute in your life, thinking about the best of others and trying to destroy their peace, think and make your life to be the best...

Life is more than just being ‘jealous’ and knowingly or unknowingly screwing up others and our happiness with 'jealousy'...

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