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  • KTR updates, TRS, ktr wants trs to be stronger and humble, Ap panchayat elections

    KTR Wants TRS To Be Stronger And Humble 05 January 2019

    KTR Wants TRS To Be Stronger And Humble:- After emerging as a winner in the Assembly polls in Telangana, TRS now shifted focus on panchayat elections which are scheduled for this month. TRS Working President K Taraka Rama Rao (KTR)...

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    List of winning candidates, Panchayat poll updates on AP, andhra pradesh panchayat elections results 2013, Ap panchayat elections

    Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Elections results 2013 23 July 2013

    Panchayat Elections First Phase Results As Announced So Far: District Congress TDP YSRCP TRS CPM/CPI OTHERS Srikakulam 111 156 56 0 0 30 Vijayanagaram 150 88 104 0 19 61 Visakhapatnam 53 33 73 0 11 51 East Godavari 74...

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    Incidents in panchayat polls, Panchayat elections, panchayat poll updates at 12 00 pm, Ap panchayat elections

    Panchayat poll updates at 12.00 pm 23 July 2013

    In spite of the rain voters in Nizamabad district are queuing to franchise their vote in the Panchayat elections. The contesting candidates are helping the old and sick who cannot move to reach the polling stations.  25% of the polling...

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    Congress party, Congress party, tdp tops in panchyat elections, Ap panchayat elections

    TDP Tops in Panchyat Elections 24 July 2013

    As per the results of the first phase of Panchayat elections, Telugu Desam Party won at majority of the Panchayats.  The results are like this- TDP won 1529 Panchayats closely followed by Congress with 1377.  A total of 2638 Panchayats...

    Keywords: Congress party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi, Telangana Rashtra Samithi, TDP Tops in Panchyat Elections

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    AP Panchayat Elections reschedule, AP Panchayat Elections breaking news, ap panchayat elections rescheduled, Ap panchayat elections

    AP Panchayat Elections Rescheduled 25 January 2021

    AP Panchayat Elections Rescheduled:- In a major jolt to the government of Andhra Pradesh, the Supreme Court of India asked the State Election Commission to conduct the local body polls in the state. The State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar...

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    Telangana panchayat polls updates, Telangana, telangana heading for panchayat polls, Ap panchayat elections

    Telangana Heading For Panchayat Polls 20 December 2018

    Telangana Heading For Panchayat Polls:- After the Assembly polls came to an end in Telangana, the state is heading for Panchayat elections which will take place in January 2019 in three phases. The State Election Commission revealed the news. The...

    Keywords: Telangana panchayat polls updates, Panchayat elections, Telangana, Telangana panchayat polls news

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    hooghly, cooch behar, mamata sweeps bengal panchayat polls, Ap panchayat elections

    Mamata sweeps Bengal Panchayat polls 30 July 2013

    Trinamool Congress,West Bengal's ruling, experienced boisterous manner towards a massive victory in the rural polls, regarded as a curtain raiser to the next general elections as well as the biggest test of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's popularity since she approached...

    Keywords: gram panchayats., north 24 parganas, victory of maa maati manush in bengal, victory of maa maati manush in bengal

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    State Election commission, Panchayat 3rd phase polling, 3rd phase of panchayat elections started, Ap panchayat elections

    3rd Phase of Panchayat Elections Started 31 July 2013

    Panchayat elections started today as announced earlier for 5945 Panchayats in the State. Keeping the past experience in the two phases of elections in to account, the Election Commission and Administration has taken adequate security measures and other precautions. But...

    Keywords: Panchayat 3rd phase polling, Elections for Sarpanches and ward members, State Election commission, Elections for Sarpanches and ward members

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    6971 panchayat to poll, Panchayat Elections 2nd Phase, panchayat elections analysis, Ap panchayat elections

    Panchayat Elections- Analysis 27 July 2013

    No. of Pachayats So far Declared       -    1708 (At the time of writing this) Congress Party wins at 534 panchayats, TDP at 447, YSRCP 269, TRS 90, Left Parties 13 and others 355. So far Congress party is in the...

    Keywords: Panchayat Elections Analysis, 1910 problamatic panchayats, panchayat election cases 906, panchayat election cases 906

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    belt shops closed for elections, 1910 problamatic panchayats, panchayat elections counting continues, Ap panchayat elections

    Panchayat elections counting continues 27 July 2013

    In the II Phase polling of the Panchayat elections concluded this afternoon, counting of votes began at 2pm. The polling includes a total of 916 Panchayats. Firstly, the vote counting for the different wards will take place, after which the...

    Keywords: 1910 problamatic panchayats, belt shops closed for elections, 1910 problamatic panchayats, 1910 problamatic panchayats

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    Panchayat Elections 2nd Phase, belt shops closed for elections, panchayat elections 2nd phase started, Ap panchayat elections

    Panchayat Elections 2nd Phase Started 27 July 2013

    Second phase of Panchayat elections started, as announced earlier, for 6971 Panchayats in the State.  The Election Commission identified 1910 Polling stations as problematic to deal with which the commission made arrangements of CC Cameras to review the situation and...

    Keywords: State Election Officer, State Election Officer, belt shops closed for elections, Panchayat Elections 2nd Phase

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    Panchayat election results by evening, Panchayat election results by evening, panchayat elections concluded, Ap panchayat elections

    Panchayat Elections Concluded 23 July 2013

    First phase of Panchayat elections concluded in the State.  Although the time allowed to franchile the voting is till 1.00 pm, the voters who are in the queue by 1.00 pm are allowed to vote as per the instructions of...

    Keywords: First phase of Panchayat Elections, Panchayat election results by evening, Panchayat ward members election, Sarpanch elections

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    panchayat election cases 906, 6971 panchayat to poll, ii phase polling concluded, Ap panchayat elections

    II Phase Polling concluded 27 July 2013

    Barring some minor incidents, the II phase of Panchayat elections concluded peacefully. Although the time is up at 1.00 pm for franchising votes, the voters already reached polling stations and waiting in the queues are allowed as per the State...

    Keywords: 6971 panchayat to poll, 1910 problamatic panchayats, Navin Mittal, Panchayat Polling updates

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    Telegu Desam Party, Telangana Rashtra Samiti, tough fight in panchayat polls, Ap panchayat elections

    Tough Fight in Panchayat Polls 28 July 2013

    Results in the 1st and 2nd phases of Panchayat Elections in the State showed a rough picture of status of the political parties.   As the main opposition party TDP gave tough competition, the ruling party Congress Party could bag...

    Keywords: Panchayat elections in AP, Left parties, Panchayat pools 2nd phase, Tough Fight in Panchayat Polls

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    Navin Mittal, Navin Mittal, panchayat polling updates at 9 30, Ap panchayat elections

    Panchayat Polling updates at 9.30 27 July 2013

    Voters of Medikonduru ST Colony in Guntur District kept away from the elections in protest of the apathy of the authorities in solving their problems. Polling started half hour late in Kodumuru, Chintakani Mandal due to the delay of thepolling...

    Keywords: belt shops closed for elections, 6971 panchayat to poll, 6971 panchayat to poll, Navin Mittal

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    telangana panchayat elections time, new gram panchayat list telangana 2018, telangana panchayat elections from jan 21 no evms to be used, Ap panchayat elections

    Telangana Panchayat Elections from Jan 21, No EVMs to Be Used 02 January 2019

    The schedule for the Telangana panchayat elections has been announced Tuesday by the Telangana State Election Commission, which will be carried out without the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). The elections will be held in three phases on January...

    Keywords: telangana, polling, telangana, polling

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    Arrangements complete for Panchayat elections, State Election Commissioner, geared up for 2nd phase panchayat elections, Ap panchayat elections

    Geared Up For 2nd Phase Panchayat Elections 26 July 2013

    The State Election Commissioner Navin Mittal said that the arrangements were over for the second phase of the Panchayat elections to be conducted tomorrow. In the second phase Elections are to be conducted in 6971 Panchayats.  1910 CC Cameras are...

    Keywords: State Election Commissioner, Navin Mittal, Elections for 6971 Panchayats, Navin Mittal

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    West Bengal latest, West Bengal latest, west bengal panchayat elections turn violent eight killed, Ap panchayat elections

    West Bengal Panchayat Elections Turn Violent: Eight Killed 14 May 2018

    West Bengal Panchayat Elections Turn Violent: Eight Killed:- The Panchayat elections in West Bengal turned so violent that eight people have been killed in the widespread violence in the state. After months of court battle, the elections are being held...

    Keywords: West Bengal new, West Bengal next, West Bengal new, West Bengal news

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    Pawan Kalyan updates, Chandra Babu, pawan kalyan challenges chandra babu, Ap panchayat elections

    Pawan Kalyan Challenges Chandra Babu 28 July 2018

    Pawan Kalyan Challenges Chandra Babu:- Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has been busy touring across Andhra Pradesh and he has been meeting people across various constituencies. After conducing various leaders in Bhimavaram, the actor turned politician spoke at a massive public...

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    AP Panchayat elections, High Court latest, high court slams ap government in panchayat elections row, Ap panchayat elections

    High Court Slams AP Government In Panchayat Elections Row 23 October 2018

    High Court Slams AP Government In Panchayat Elections Row:- The High Court of Telugu states today ordered the Government of Andhra Pradesh to conduct the Panchayat elections within three months. A petition has been filed by former sarpanchs after they...

    Keywords: Panchayat elections, High Court updates, AP Government, High Court updates

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