Signs To Know That You Are Not Taking Good Care Of Your Liver

October 16, 2023 15:21
Signs To Know That You Are Not Taking Good Care Of Your Liver

Signs To Know That You Are Not Taking Good Care Of Your Liver:- The liver is a vital organ, which is responsible for crucial body functions. The liver removes toxins and harmful substances from your body, not only this, Liver is important in digestion. So taking care of the Liver is most important. Here are a few symptoms to check and know whether you are taking good care of your liver or not.

Loss of appetite:

The liver plays a crucial role in body metabolism. A noticeable reduction in appetite is an initial sign that your liver is reduced. Digestion and metabolism can affect your energy.


Vomiting sensation, dizziness and muscle pain is a severe symptom of liver distress. If the liver malfunctions, your body will build toxins in the bloodstream, which eventually lead to nausea.

Blisters and Scars on Skin:

If your skin is easily hurt and forms painful blisters when exposed to sunlight is a condition called Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (PCT). This happens when Porphyrins (protein) are passed into your blood and skin. This protein will make your skin sensitive, which causes blisters, scars and increased hair growth.

Dark Neck :

Excessive insulin in the body is often associated with fatty liver and can lead to acanthosis nigricans, a condition of neck darkness.

Discomfort in the Upper abdomen:

An ache in the upper right side of your abdomen is also a sign of liver inflammation or congestion.

Yellow Eyes or Skin or Tint:

This is often jaundice, which is a compromised liver function, where the liver is challenged by bilirubin, a yellow pigment, which causes a breakdown of red blood cells.

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