Exercising May Not Be Good For COVID Positive Patients

September 02, 2020 20:08
Exercising May Not Be Good For COVID Positive Patients

Exercising May Not Be Good For COVID Positive Patients:- Exercising is good for health and is needed to maintain a long life. It keeps your weight in control and your blood sugar levels will be in check. Regular Exercising also reduces the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Doctors, experts and scientists say that a regular exercise of 30 to 45 minutes is a must to keep yourself fit and healthy. The doctors revealed that all those who are suffering from coronavirus should stay away from exercising. Exercising while suffering from coronavirus will worsen the symptoms of the deadly virus. The study has been published in JAMA Cardiology.

Performing moderate exercises with mild symptoms of coronavirus infection can be dangerous and can lead to heart issues. Exercising among coronavirus patients can cause myocarditis for patients which is said to be an inflammation of the heart muscle. The researchers performed cardiac MRI tests on almost 100 adults who completely recovered from coronavirus. Half of the participants had moderate or mild symptoms. Around 18% of them had no symptoms. The tests were carried out to 2-3 months after the diagnosis of the coronavirus. 78 of them had structural changes to hearts. The cardiac output of the hearts will increase.

Always keep monitoring the heart rate when you are suffering from coronavirus pandemic. If there is any breathing issue or heart pain, please visit your doctor immediately. The doctors suggested that the people can start exercising after four months after tested negative from coronavirus.

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