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  • T-factor, Papaya, 12 steps towards a healthier heart, Heart health

    12 Steps towards a healthier heart 12 September 2012

     All it takes is to ensure that every bite you take delivers a powerful dose of phytonutrients to prevent heart disease. It's an important ingredient to prevent cell damage and repair it. Here's a list of heart healthy foods, which...

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    Dutch researchers, blood pressure, healthy red wine can t reduce blood pressure, Heart health

    Healthy Red wine can't reduce blood pressure 28 September 2011

    Red wine is good for your heart health. Researches have suggested one or two glass a day can reduce your heart disease risk. The health benefits are said to come from antioxidants called polyphenols.  However, now Dutch researchers have found...

    Keywords: heart health, Medical center rotterdam, healty heart, blood pressure

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    Walk for heart reach for heart program, Daily walk keeps a heart healthy, pawan kalyan reveals health secret, Heart health

    Pawan Kalyan Reveals Health Secret 02 March 2014

    Pawan Kalyan says that everyone should walk daily and do some physical exercises so that the heart functioning and general health will be maintained.  He also says that a healthy man thinks in a healthy manner and contributes to an...

    Keywords: Heart related problems solved by walk, Daily walk keeps a heart healthy, Daily walk strengthens heart, Heart related problems solved by walk

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    how to use a treadmill, how to use a treadmill, how to use a treadmill to lose weight, Heart health

    How to use a treadmill to lose weight 02 June 2017

    How to use a treadmill to lose weight:- Treadmill is a motorized device used for walking or running while staying at the same place on the equipment. Treadmills are dated back to harnessing human or animal power to complete tasks....

    Keywords: how to start a treadmill, how to use a treadmill, how to use treadmill for weight loss, how to use a treadmill

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    polygamy effects heart health, polygamy effects heart health, one extra wife increases risk of heart disease by 4 fold, Heart health

    One extra wife increases risk of heart disease by 4 fold 30 April 2015

    According to a new study it was revealed that “Polygamy increases risk of heart disease in men by four fold”.  It was presented at the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress, a meeting of cardiologists in Abu Dhabi by King...

    Keywords: monogamy and polygamy effects, monogamy is better than polygamy, cardiovascular diseases with polygamy, extra wife risks to men

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    Body and soul, Physical activity, refresh yourself for a better you, Heart health

    Refresh yourself for a better you! 05 May 2012

    Weekend is on again... we take rest, plan to spend these two days ka off, go out with your family and loved ones, clean up your home, self groom yourself or simply do nothing these weekend... since the time we...

    Keywords: Physical activity, reduces stress, Body and soul, reduces stress

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    healthy recipes for heart, how to prepare healthy grilled vegetable salad, best heart healthy recipe, Heart health

    Best heart healthy recipe 21 August 2015

    The diet we take will show impact on heart. Eating certain foods can increase heart disease risk and some foods can help you better manage these conditions. So, with the increasing risk of heart disease nowadays, it is advised to...

    Keywords: easy heart healthy recipes, healthy heart diet, heart healthy Indian recipes, healthy heart diet

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