Healthy Eating Habits-Choose Smartly...for Healthy Living...

August 31, 2012 14:40
Healthy Eating Habits-Choose Smartly...for Healthy Living...

Eating out has always been an 'in' thing in USA, rough times notwithstanding. An article on healthy eating (published in USA Today) revealed that between 2011 and 212, there was no change in the percentage of people who prefer eating out.

In fact, NPD’s (a marketing research firm) vice president Harry Balzar states, "There hasn't been a recession in eating. We may postpone a car purchase or a new coat, but we won’t postpone eating.” Considering the fact that eating out is a regular thing in our lives, we provide few healthy eating tips for people who want to eat out and yet stick to a balanced diet to lose weight.

Choose the Right Restaurant for Healthy Living

If you are one of those who are aiming for weight loss and healthy living, start by choosing the right restaurant for eating out. San Francisco Chronicle food critic, Michael Bauer sticks to healthy eating habits and a balanced diet by choosing restaurants that serve loads of vegetables, along with the regular foods. In fact, Bauer claimed that his healthy eating habits at restaurants keep him healthier as compared to those Americans who stick to homemade good foods.

Watch Your Portions to Lose Weight

If you are aiming for weight loss and are required to eat out, fret not. Experts suggest that the most effective way to lose weight and stick to your healthy eating habits is by watching the portions. According to a study that was published in the journal Obesity Research (on October 2004), portion control is the secret behind successful weight loss. So watch your portions while you eat out and you could still be able to follow your balanced diet plan and fulfill your weight loss targets.
Healthy Eating Starts with Good Foods

While soups, salads are sandwiches are generally considered as good foods, the ingredients added to these foods can have a drastic effect on your diet plan.  While speaking about healthy eating habits, David Zinczenko (editor in chief of Men’s Health) comments, “The worst foods we eat are often the most seemingly innocent – the fruit smoothies, the Caesar salads, the bran muffins”.

So while eating out, you can request the waiter to skip putting mayonnaise in your sandwich or place high-fat cheese in your salad dressings. In order to stick to your diet plans, ask to add good foods such as fruits, veggies, cottage cheese for filling up your sandwiches and salads. Being aware of the ingredients of your food will allow you to stick to healthy eating habits and a balanced diet.

Grilled, Boiled and Roasted Foods-Are They Actually Good Foods?

Grilled, boiled and roasted foods are considered as low calorie foods that are perfect for people who are trying to lose weight or want to stick to a balanced diet. However, too much of grilled foods can negatively affect your desire for healthy living. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (May 2009), eating too much of grilled foods (especially meat) can increase your risk for cancer.

If you want to have grilled foods as part of your diet plan while eating out, opt for smaller portions. For sticking to healthy eating habits, you can request the visible fat to be trimmed from the meat (as suggested by American Heart Association). In addition, those who are aiming for weight loss and must follow a strict diet plan can consider this option.

It is crucial to remember that healthy living consists of healthy eating habits, regular exercise and proper sleep. It may be quite possible to stick to healthy eating habits at restaurants, while gorging on high-calorie foods at home. So choose smartly while ordering at restaurants and enjoy eating out-it is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

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