Aging Jokes ( Page 4 of 10 )

ID cards to Seemandhra people in Hyderabad?

News: AP water to only Seemandhra People in Hyderabad

Punch: Hope those Seemandhra People will not be issued with separate identity cards now.

By Phani


Built cyber towers, but not his own house

News: GHMC denies permission to AP CM to build house in Hyderabad.

The man, who built cyber towers, is not able to build his own house in the same city.
By Phani


Maggi vs Liquor


1. 320 crores loss to Maggi 
2. Rs.5/ peg liquor proposal


Maggi was banned, as it contained poisonous ingredients.

But, is Liquor containing any healthy ingredients?

By Phani


Liquor in tetra packs excites them

News: Liquor in tetra packs in AP soon


Drinker: What bloody sleeping at the corner, we can even roll on the roads now.
By Phani


Naidu is Tiger, KCR is TV

News: End to TRS government, if Naidu gets arrested.

However ferocious the tiger on the TV screen is, it cannot break the portable TV at home. 

By Phani


Naidu obeyed Pawan statement for Bhoomi Puja

News: Naidu performs ‘Bhoomi Puja’ against astrologers warnings

Punch: In ‘Gopala Gopala’ film, Pawan said to believe in hard work and not astrology. As the star supported TDP, Naidu might have obeyed his words.

By Phani


Bunk office using Tank bund road logic

Manager: Why didn't the employees come yet?

HR: They said Tank Bund road is restricted from use sir

Manager: How come all the employees in the office come from the same road

by Phani


Respect media while participating in Swacch Bharat!

Assistant: Come on sir, lets participate in Swacch Bharat

Official:   Where is the media?

Assistant: On the way, sir

Official:  We should respect them, so lets wait till they come

By Phani


Husband and wife who only speak English in common

Wife :   Darling, I hate these language barriers between us
Husband : Me too
Wife :    How sweet..!, but why ?  ,
Husband :   Whenever you say that you are dying, i will think that you are actually dying, but later you will reveal that your just dying your hair.      
by Phani


A Dinner Date

Pappu met up with his close friend Bunty and told him that he had just met the girl of his dreams. He asked Bunty for advise on how he should proceed!

The wise and experienced man of the world, Bunty said, "Well, send her roses, and on the name card invite her for a home-cooked meal."

Pappu liked the idea, so he followed Bunty's advice and invited the woman. Next day after the dinner Bunty called Pappu and asked him how did the home-cooked dinner go.

Pappu cried, "It was a complete flop."

Bunty asked, "Why? Didn't the girl come to your house?"

Pappu replied, "She came, but she refused to cook and left angrily!"


Real Tension....

A Husband and his wife went for Divorce at a court.

Judge: You have three kids, how will you divide them ?

Husband had long discussion with his wife and said to the judge, "ok, we will come next year with one more kid and divide equally."

Jokes doesn't end here... 9 months later... they got twins.


A rich farmer

A rich farmer had been trying desperately to marry off his daughters. One day he met Nasir.

"I have several daughters," the farmer told the Nasir.

"I would like to see them comfortably fixed. And I will say this, they won't go to their husbands without a little bit in the bank, either. The youngest one is twenty-three and she will take Rupees 25,000 with her. The next one is thirty-two, and she will take Rupees 50,000 with her. Another is forty-three and she will take Rupees 75,000 with her."

"That's interesting," said Nasir.

"I was just wondering if you have one about fifty years old."