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Kohli-Anushka are cycle tubes!

News: Kohli-Anushka: Break up then, patch up now

Are they human beings or cycle tubes

By Phani Ch


What if porn sites give revenue like liquor

News: Government thinks about possibilities of blocking porn sites

I wonder what would be government’s decision, if porn sites too give huge revenue like liquor.

By Phani Ch


Why Valentines day impact has reduced this year?

Valentines day is being considered as love and affection day between the families too. That is why, the impact has reduced this year.

By Phani Ch


Anushka, Kohli proved that logic again

News: Anushka and Kohli broke up

One can make a movie based on cricket, but cannot play cricket based on movie, because they are not inter-linked. Another example to prove this.... (No comments please..)

By Phani Ch


RGV boosts employment opportunities

News: RGV makes soft porn, through short films, to jolt censor board

It seems RGV even wants online censor board, to boost the employment opportunities in that way.

By Phani Ch


Gay sex to be legalized! - SC

News: Gay sex to be legalized! - SC gives a hope

Bad news for the shopping malls, as the guys now least care, when their girls, demand to take them for the shopping.

By Phani Ch


Naughty police in North Yorkshire

News: Man ordered to inform police, to have sex

Is it a police department or… (I know you got me)

By Phani Ch


India-Pakistan as husband and wife

News: HM chief rubbishes India-Pakistan dialogue process

The husband appears as if he commands wife, even though the fact is universal.

By Phani Ch


Sunny Leone to increase car sales in the country

News: Mastizaade lands Sunny Leone, to wash fans cars, through the contest.

Is it promoting movie or to enhance car sales in the country?

By Phani Ch


Call money related with husband and wife logic

News: Call money went viral, just before the start of Assembly meetings.
It is like wife noticing her husband, while he is giving lift on his bike, to a hot lady.
By Phani Ch


KCR offers free entertainment to the public

News: KCR did not criticize Naidu or Jagan in Warangal by-poll campaigning

Punch: If the couple starts loving each other in public, wouldn’t it be a free entertainment to everyone.  
By Phani Ch


Director logic in Srinu Vaitla Harassment case

News: Harassment case on Srinu Vaitla

Punch: Director can only harass people on screen, not off screen.

By Phani Ch