Aging Jokes ( Page 3 of 10 )

Why huts do not perish, even if the poor gets, double bedroom houses

News: 6 months deadline to double bedroom houses

Punch: Hope the poor people do not give those double bedrooms for rent to the middle classes, and live in the huts again.

By Phani Ch


Definition of citizen friendly government

News: CBI says violent porn cannot be banned as guys love it

Punch: This is what we call, citizen friendly government

By Phani Ch


Boss shouting logic is with wife

Whenever my boss shouts on me without any reason, I can guess easily that, he already had enough with his wife at home.
By Phani Ch


Husband and wife logic in Jagan and Naidu assembly counters

News: Jagan is cornering Naidu with cash for vote and phone conversation issues.

Punch: It is common to dig out the old reasons, when wives have no new ones.

By Phani Ch


No guys can be found on Rakhi

Do you know why girls do not dress up well on Rakhi? Because, they cannot anyway find guys around them.

By Phanindra


Change in guys after porn got banned

News: Porn sites banned in India

Now, moms observe their sons, not locking the personal rooms.
By Phani


Punch on beggars counter to Naidu

News: Beggars reject AP CM Rs.10000 offer

Punch: Who wishes to accept a local girl, when they have an opportunity of eyeing upon international beauties?  

By Phani


Punch on Naidu’s Pushkaraalu short film

News: AP CM spends Rs.7 crores for the Pushkaraalu short film

A: Then how he said that, AP is facing scarcity of funds
B: No husband will reveal his actual salary to the wife.

By Phani


Punch on oppositions reaction to Pushkaraalu deaths

News: Oppositions busted upon Naidu, regarding Pushkaraalu deaths.


Husband gets a chance to react against wife, at least when relatives are in the house

By Phani


Punch on KCR, hinting the ministers to sacrifice the ministry

News: KCR hints the ministers to sacrifice their ministry


Husbands: Wives are the slow poison

TRS ministers: No, that credit belongs to only our beloved CM.  

By Phani


Punch on bail plea of Revanth Reddy

News: Bail plea of Revanth Reddy postpones


May be a kid might grow up, complete her studies and marry and have a kid too.

Craving for cash and the ‘cash for vote’ case investigation continues.

By Phani


Punch to oppositions who say, they are not invited to perform yoga


Oppositions say that, they are not invited to perform Yoga


Fortunately Yoga can be performed at any place, not only Rajpath.  

By Phani