India’s ground water unfit to drink

May 02, 2012 17:49
India’s ground water unfit to drink

The groundwater paucity has alarmed the water resources ministry that submitted the date in the parliament on recently stating that it could be leading to a public health crisis as layers of underground water in many areas are becoming unfit for drinking.

The date states that ground water has turned saline in nearly 158 districts whereas groundwater contained fluoride in 267 districts and in 385 districts the ground water contained excessive nitrates. All these are presumably caused due to the increased pollution rate. The reports also indicated the presence of metals such as lead, iron, cadmium and chromium in water.

This report was submitted by Congress MP Shruti Chowdhry in response to a question. It shows the map of areas where groundwater turned hazardous to health. Even in the National Capital, there are many areas where ground water turned unsafe to drink. Since more than 80 per cent of people depend on ground water for drinking purposes, this issue has been worrying the government. In case if people drink water in these areas, they will be prone to fluorosis (weak bones), nervous system problems, reduction in IQ and can even cause cancer.

What steps will the government take towards avoiding this problem is still not known to the many people who are concerned about this serious health issue. (Phani)

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