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  • vitamin d deficiency, diabetes, sunlight cuts diabetes by 50, Public health

    Sunlight cuts diabetes by 50 %! 06 February 2013

    Scientists have now found that Vitamin D deficiency is a common phenomenon among Indians increase risk of type 1 diabetes . Moreover, a study at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), gave it's view that having adequate levels of vitamin...

    Keywords: indians, risk in diabetes., Harvard School of Public Health, vitamin d deficiency

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    Regional Institutes of Excellence, Regional Institutes of Excellence, hyderabad gets regional institute of excellence, Public health

    Hyderabad gets Regional Institute of Excellence 30 April 2012

    Government has sanctioned a National Institute of Paramedical Sciences at Delhi and eight Regional Institutes of Excellence at Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Bhubaneswar, Patna and Aurangabad. Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said that the government...

    Keywords: Ghulam Nabi Azad, public health sector, National Institute of Paramedical Sciences, human resources

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    Pitt Public Health's department of epidemiology, Pitt Public Health's department of epidemiology, lifestyle exercises in office, Public health

    Lifestyle exercises in office 09 March 2015

    To see your employees healthy and in shape, get them to do some lifestyle exercises well within the office premises. A healthy lifestyle intervention program administered at the workplace can significantly reduce the risk factors for diabetes and heart disease,...

    Keywords: Pitt Public Health's department of epidemiology, Employees health, Lifestyle, Pitt Public Health's department of epidemiology

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    water resources ministry, public health, india s ground water unfit to drink, Public health

    India’s ground water unfit to drink 02 May 2012

    The groundwater paucity has alarmed the water resources ministry that submitted the date in the parliament on recently stating that it could be leading to a public health crisis as layers of underground water in many areas are becoming unfit...

    Keywords: public health, public health, pollution, pollution

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    united states (us) regulators, menthol cigarettes, mint flavoured cigarettes cant be easily given up, Public health

    Mint-flavoured cigarettes cant' be easily given up 24 July 2013

    United States (US) regulators on Tuesday brought into prominence a review of scientific data that revealed the fact that menthol cigarettes are harder to quit than regular kinds, at the same time asked for public input on a possible ban....

    Keywords: menthol cigarettes are harder to quit, united states (us) regulators, menthol cigarettes, public health risk

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    tobacco, bangalore news headline, karnataka bans on sale of smokeless tobacco, Public health

    Karnataka bans on sale of smokeless tobacco! 31 May 2013

    Earlier we found 25 States along with 5 Union Territories to rise against banning sale of smokeless tobacco. In addition to it presently the Karnataka Health Minister U.T. Khader was known to have announced on Friday  at the World No...

    Keywords: public health, chewable tobacco, karnataka health minister, u.t. khader

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    700 russian schools close down, 700 russian schools close down, russia to shut down 700 schools, Public health

    Russia to shut down 700 schools 14 August 2013

    Russia's chief public health doctor said on Wednesday that beyond  700 Russian schools are set to close this year due to the deterioration in the number of children of school age. Furthermore, Russia saw birth rates decline dramatically in the...

    Keywords: interfax news agency, gennady onishchenko, russians, russian schools.

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    Commissioned Corps, Sylvia Trent-Adams, us prez administration removes indo american surgeon general from position, Public health

    US Prez Administration Removes Indo-American Surgeon General From Position 22 April 2017

    To put its own leadership in place, the US President, Donald Trump’s administration has removed Indian-American Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, from his position. Murthy was appointed by the former President Barack Obama during his regime. The US Department of Health...

    Keywords: Vivek Murthy, US Public Health, Vivek Murthy, Surgeon General

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