Things To Do To Control High Blood Pressure

November 05, 2021 16:02
Things To Do To Control High Blood Pressure

Things To Do To Control High Blood Pressure:- Hypertension or high blood pressure is a state where the pressure of blood flow is high against the arteries and vessels. Hypertension comes without any symptoms and can result in a heart attack or heart stroke. One should take it seriously and consult experts. A healthy diet and regular workout is needed for benefits. Exercise along with a balanced diet is the best medicine to control the high blood pressure or Hypertension. A moderate workout for five times in a week is a must for older adults who have issues of high blood pressure. This can maintain body weight and improve cardiovascular health and also can support diabetes management.

Also the patients with Hypertension should take up more exercises to increase the heart rate and put the blood vessels healthy. Experts have been recommending BP lowering medication exercises. Also consult a health care expert when your BP is higher than 180/100mmHg. Aerobic exercise is ideal for the patients who are suffering with high blood pressure as the reports from the Blood Pressure UK. Swimming, Dancing, Jogging, Running and Walking are the best workouts for Hypertension. Start the workouts gradually and get habitual to them slowly. The patients should also opt-out for sprinting and intense weight lifting. Some of the activities like Scuba diving and parachuting are not recommended.

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