Say bye-bye to BP blues

November 08, 2012 16:30
Say bye-bye to BP blues

Are you diagnosed with hypertension? The up and down numbers of your BP are trying to bring ups and downs in your life? If these questions bother you a lot, then there's nothing to worry to be frank. While medicines are always available to keep those significant health numbers under control, you can still maintain a good blood pressure even without medications. Wonder how? Well, check some quick tips to control your hypertension.

Keep tensions at bay:


If you are a person who frowns over every little thing that appears like a hurdle then things will definitely take a toll on your health with the help of your blood pressure. The less the thinking, the better your blood pressure. So, stop worrying. When there's a problem, there's always a solution. So start working on solving the problems instead of worrying over the same time and again.



Diet is one of the important factors, which can play with your health if you don't pay proper attention towards it. Eating on time and maintaining healthy eating habits will definitely reduce your blood pressure. Also, reduce sodium intake. Sodium is found more in salt.

Alcohol, smoking:


Just like how an HIV infected person will still appear healthy, an alcoholic might appear healthy and strong. But you doesn't know what reactions will be taking place in the body each time someone sips alcohol. In fact, the drinker himself/herself doesn't know otherwise he/she would never ever consume alcohol.

The studies indicated that people with insecurity and inferiority complex often tilt towards alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. So, if this is really your case then you should first try building up your self-esteem and eventually you would say good-bye to these yucky habits. And when you refrain yourself from alcohol and smoking, blood pressure numbers will be under your control.



Sometimes, meditation is more powerful than medication. You need not sit hours together and close your eyes. Just close your eyes for a couple of minutes and forget everything and focus on breathing. This would literally bring your blood pressure levels down in no time.

Try these simple things and see the difference. When the above mentioned steps are adhered to people with hypertension are most likely to lose their high blood pressure while people with no or low pressure will have a correct blood pressure.

(AW Phani)


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