Fight diabetes with good herbs

February 19, 2013 18:40
Fight diabetes with good herbs

Diabetes is a growing problem in the nation, which is already labeled as the diabetes capital of the world. There are several medications in the world that might check your diabetes, but the ancient scrolls of Ayurveda, the science of medication, has herbs that have the capacity to fight against diabetes actively helping you rejuvenate the bodily functions. Diabetes is actually the disability of the body to tackle the glucose content in the body. Insulin stops acting on the glucose in the blood leading to a sharp rise in the blood glucose levels.

Here are a few herbs that you may use as medication for the treatment of the condition. However, take note that this is not in anyway expert medical help and you have to contact your physician for the proper treatment. This is only an aid that may help your treatment. Diet regulation and Physical fitness are also extremely important to make sure that the herbs are effective.

Neem: The king of all medications can also fight diabetes. Dried leaves powder can be used to increase insulin receptor sensitivity and hence negates the need for hypoglycaemic medication.

Jamun: Powder of dried seeds can help lower the urine and blood sugar level

Bilva : Powder of dried unripe fruit regulates the blood sugar and fights diabetic complications

Methi (Fenu Greek): Seed, stem and leaves fights the root cause of diabetes internally

Karela (Bitter Gourd): Juice of fresh fruit and the dried fruit powder are capable of improving absorption of food and increasing the metabolism. It also regulates blood sugar level.

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