5 Unusual Makeup Tricks Using Lipsticks

September 17, 2012 10:55
5 Unusual Makeup Tricks Using Lipsticks

A lipstick as a makeup cosmetic has a great value. You might have not realised the full potential of this makeup stick till now. Infact, a lipstick alone can be your entire makeup kit. Surprised? We'll tell you how to use different lipstick shades to do all your makeup.

Whenever you go to makeup tutorials, you see fancy makeup kits that have a plethora of cosmetics like eye shadows, blushers, highlighters, foundation shades etc. They are expensive and elaborate. But you can save a lot if you learn to use your lipstick properly. Apart from your lips, you lipstick can do wonders to your eyes, cheeks and forehead.

5 Lipsticks Makeup Tricks:

1. Makeshift Blusher: You cannot travel with the entire ensemble of your makeup kit every time. It is natural to forget a few things here and there. So, if you have left your blusher back at home and have a party to attend, then simply follow our tip. Rub a bit of your lipstick on your thumb and add a tinge of colour to your cheeks. This will give your cheeks the same blusher effect.

2. Proxy Eye Shadow: Just as we said earlier, it is natural to forget a few makeup essentials while traveling. But when you have your lipstick, makeup will not be restricted to cosmetics. You can use different shades of lipsticks to do a proxy job for your eyeshadow. Start with a nude lipstick shade as the base colour. Then highlight your eyelids with orange, brown or red hues around your brow bone.

3. Sindoor Stick: Sindoor is the Indian word for vermillion. Married women in India are expected to apply vermillion in the parting of their hair. Suppose you have a surprise visit from your mother in law and have run out of sindoor then you can easily cover up with a bit of red lipstick!

4. Bindi: This is another Indian makeup accessory. Your Indian look is not complete without a little dot in between your eyebrows. Chose a shade of lipstick that matches your dress and draw a line or a dot in between your eyebrows with it.

5. Covers Grey: When you notice a streak of grey hair just before leaving for a party, it ruins your mood totally. So, your immediate solution can be take a bit of black or dark brown lipstick and run it on the grey streaks. It really works!

These makeup tips that use lipstick as a makeup essential, can save you lots of sweat. If you know of any other way to use lipstick for makeup, then do share it with us.

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