Butter isn't as bad as you think!

June 16, 2014 16:55
Butter isn't as bad as you think!

"Time" magazines latest cover story carries good news for all butter lovers - the fat found in butter isn't as evil as we think!

“We have known for some time that fats found in vegetables like olives and in fish like salmon can actually protect against heart disease,” reads the story. “Now it’s becoming clear that even the saturated fat found in a medium-rare steak or slab of butter-public health enemies Nos. 1 and 2-has a more complex and, in some cases, benign effect on the body than previously thought.”

Apparently, the saturated fat usually found in whole, unprocessed foods like fresh meat, cheese, yogurt, and milk, isn't just satiating, but good for the heart too. Contrary to the popular belief, consuming higher levels of saturated fat has been found to lower the risk of heart disease.

Also, as the Time article states, that those who have traded in butter for processed margarines and eggs for yolk-free beaters are heavier and more sickly than ever.

“Our demonization of fat may have backfired in ways we are just beginning to understand,” the article reads.

So next time you reach out for another low-fat, no-fat, or reduced-fat food, remember how eating fat not only torches down the fat but also helps you live longer, stronger and healthier life.

(AW: Suchorita Choudhury)

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