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  • aesthetics, enthusiasm at work, bring freshness to life with flowers, Lifestyle news

    Bring freshness to life with flowers 23 December 2013

    Did you know keeping fresh flowers at home not only adds to the aesthetics of your décor, but also enhances your mood? A behavioral research study reveals that people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and...

    Keywords: happiness and enthusiasm, aesthetics, dining room, enthusiasm at work

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    fat-burning beverage, rich in fibre, eat these superfoods to lose the extra inches, Lifestyle news

    Eat these superfoods to lose the extra inches 19 June 2014

    Are you one of those who have been desperately trying to lose those extra inches? Read on to know about the four superfoods that are known to aid in weight loss. Green tea, coconut milk and raspberries can be truested...

    Keywords: Coconut milk, healthy saturated fat, Lifestyle News, fat-burning beverage

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    fashion clothing, France culture, paris fashion week exhibits bare legged male, Lifestyle news

    Paris fashion week exhibits bare legged male! 27 June 2013

    Paris fashion week went off to an individualistic start by Belgian designer Raf Simons, while moving hundreds of people out to the distinctly less than fashionable Paris suburb of Le Bourget on Wednesday. On the contrary, the designer who as...

    Keywords: France fashion culture, Paris fashion week showcases bare legged male, Le Bourget, Belgian designer

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    beautiful nails, dull and chipped nails, flaunt your beautiful nails, Lifestyle news

    Flaunt your beautiful nails 26 June 2014

    Hands tell a lot about your personality. People with dull and chipped nails reveal their careless personality. Both women and men need to take care of their hands and nails as these are visible to other. Here are some beauty...

    Keywords: dull and chipped nails, beautiful nails, Healthy nails, beautiful nails

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    tips for shopping, tricks for shopping well, how to shop smart, Lifestyle news

    How to shop smart? 11 June 2014

    Take a quick look at your closet full of black dresses or your rainbow of lipsticks and question yourself: "Did you really need to splurge on another black dress or invest in another pink gloss?”  It's easy to feel frustrated...

    Keywords: shopping, how to shop smart, buyer's remorse, how to shop smart

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    home cleaning, cleaning, aromatherapy for your home, Lifestyle news

    Aromatherapy for your home 18 January 2014

    A diffuser is great, but there are other ways in which you can use your essential oils at home. For linens Add a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil to your laundry detergent for a fresh fragrance. You can...

    Keywords: essential oils at home, essential oils at home, home, lavender oil

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    lifestyle, lifestyle, five things to be optimistic about in january, Lifestyle news

    Five Things to be Optimistic About in January 09 January 2014

    January brings with it a gust of fresh wave and the zeal of a new start. But with the new year also comes in new goals, stressors, and obligations, bad enough to dampen your spirits. We bring you a  small...

    Keywords: wellness, wellness, lifestyle news, new goals in new year

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    Lifestyle News, Fairytale, i wish my life could have been a fairytale, Lifestyle news

    I wish...My life could have been a fairytale 19 July 2014

    Well, is there any fairytale kind of thing in the world of reality? Sometimes, my answer is in affirmation and sometimes in negation. But, most of the time, my answer is yes. Life can be a fairytale depending on our...

    Keywords: fairytale life, Dreams, Prince of fairytale, Lifestyle News

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    healthy fats, butter not bad for health, butter isn t as bad as you think, Lifestyle news

    Butter isn't as bad as you think! 16 June 2014

    "Time" magazines latest cover story carries good news for all butter lovers - the fat found in butter isn't as evil as we think! “We have known for some time that fats found in vegetables like olives and in fish...

    Keywords: time magazine, butter good for you, Butter,

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    pet care news, pooch, care for your pet pooch, Lifestyle news

    Care for your pet pooch 08 January 2014

    Who doesn't like pets - but loving them is one thing and keeping them at home is quite another. Pets, like human, demand affection and attention as well as training and exercise. If you don't train your pets well, they...

    Keywords: Care for your pet pooch, Care for your pet pooch, dog, train your pets

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    how to feel youthful, stay young, rules to stay young, Lifestyle news

    Rules to stay young 07 June 2014

    Someone has rightly said, "You're as young as you fee." Youth has little do with age and more to do with how you live. While it's impossible to hold back the years, you can erase all signs of ageing from...

    Keywords: how to stay young, Love your health, tips for stay young, Love your health

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    tips for new year party, New Year Party at Home, party this new year with care, Lifestyle news

    Party this New Year with care! 27 December 2013

    This New Year, bring in some good chi to your home by cleaning away the clutter ahead of the party! While it would be great fun to host a party at home, we suggest you rent up a place or...

    Keywords: new year parties, tips for new year party, party, new year parties

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    Bell peppers, Apple, eat these for weight loss, Lifestyle news

    Eat these for weight loss 09 June 2014

    Have you been trying hard to lose weight without much success. Even after dieting your weight doesn't seem to decrease much. Fret not. Here are a few foods that will boost your efforts in weight loss. Apples Apple not only...

    Keywords: Apple, Apple, dieting, Eat these for weight loss

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    wardrobe care, wardrobe care, how to disinfect wardrobe, Lifestyle news

    How to disinfect wardrobe? 27 June 2014

    All sorts of bugs may find their way in your wardrobe, find out ways to annihilate them. Your favourite clothes can meet an untimely destruction no thanks to creepy crawlies or insects who like the wooden wardrobe too much. But...

    Keywords: wardrobe care, wardrobe care, Insects, How to disinfect wardrobe

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    healthy lifestyle, why you must wake up early, perks of being a morning person, Lifestyle news

    Perks of being a morning person 10 June 2014

    Someone has rightly said that an early bird catches the worm. And now we have science to prove that too. Researchers have found that people who rise early are better energized, happy, fit and have better habits than those who...

    Keywords: healthy lifestyle, night owls, advantages of rising early, why you must wake up early

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    Beauty care, cleansing the face, right way of face cleansing, Lifestyle news

    Right way of face cleansing 27 June 2014

    Most women think whats there in cleansing the face. They cannot be more wrong. Today face cleansing is no longer about just washing it with a facewash. Beauty care is no longer a simple affair. Supermarkets are flooded with so...

    Keywords: Right way of face cleansing, Right way of face cleansing, tips for face cleansing, Right way of face cleansing

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