Is it so hard to live your life?

August 27, 2011 14:00
Is it so hard to live your life?

Is it so hard to live your lifeNo time to spend over some time for a cup of a coffee, to listen to our favorite music, to chat with our best of friends atleast, to go shopping, to just chill and relax, do sit idle not doing anything, in short to live our life.

Are we so busy with our work and daily routine that we are not thinking beyond? Are we so used to work that we are not able to enjoy our holiday doing nothing? Are we so stressed out that we are not able to relax?

Well, to each one’s won. But, the fact is many of us have become so very busy with our life, having so many responsibilities to be handled every day, that by even thinking about taking some time out for yourself makes you think as if it is a big crime.

It so happens, after a certain period of time, your work place and the work you do becomes so very boring to you that you would start looking for a change. Even life is more or less the same. By doing the same old work every day, managing same old things, you would be so very used to it that after certain phase you might instead think of running out of responsibilities, but, life is not a job that you would look out for a change over. Instead, it is better to take regular breaks from daily routine and do something that is extremely different. And the next day, you would kick start your day with a complete new positive energy.

You can try out;

Switch off your mobile and be away from the entire world. For that one day, read your favorite book, listen to your favorite music, put on some steamy dress and flaunt your beauty all alone, if budget permits go out for some shopping, instead of eating out enjoying cooking by yourself.

If you are a family, then you can make the rest of the family members to adapt the same.

Plan a outing with your family and make sure you would not nag, taunt, complain or stop any of your family members from doing anything (of course, all these things that your family members want to do should not be objecting).

This might be difficult but you can try out not to think about anything. It is an art to be blank on mind. This helps out to start thinking about all your issues from a third person’s perspective.

Finally, do not forget that nothing is more important than your peace of mind. So keep that peace within you and among your family too. live your life, for a better life.

Sunayana Vinay Kumar

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