How Actress Shruti Haasan Dealt With Depression

January 28, 2021 19:25
How Actress Shruti Haasan Dealt With Depression

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How Actress Shruti Haasan Dealt With Depression:- Actress Shruti Haasan who is legendary actor Kamal Haasan’s daughter and Tollywood’s sweetheart has been spending the days of quarantine in her apartment alone in Mumbai. Her only company during this time has been her pet cat Clara. The actress had recently opened up to the media on how she dealt and still deals with depression and mental health issues.

She stated that the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine is a difficult period for those suffering with mental health issues. She also stated that she had had some difficulties adjusting to the lockdown and that this period had a serious effect on her mental health.

The actress had been going to therapy for the past three years. Therapy had helped her use different methods to cope up with her mental health issues during her regular days, work days and the lockdown. She had also recommended therapy for those who have mental health issues stating that is will definitely make them feel more better. The actress also revealed that having a pet has also made her feel very calm during her anxious moments.

She had inculcated different coping mechanisms to get over mental illness during the quarantine. Some of the include playing with her cat, distracting herself by doing hobbies, listening to music, singing karaoke out loud in the comfort of her home.

The actress is also a big fan of food and cooking. Her favourite food includes peanut butter and chocolate fudge with bread. The actress had shared multiple photos on social media of how her quarantine is going, her cat and of course, her famous peanut butter recipe.

She also stated that there are a few TV shows which she calls her comfort shows, which makes her feel at ease when she is feeling stressed out. The common genre of these shows include comedy or drama. She also enjoys playing the piano by herself, saying the music makes her feel very calm.

Mental illness is often stigmatized in India. As a community we must accept the reality of this situation and embrace it and fight it without completely showing disregard for it.

Here is the Indian helpline for those who are suffering from Mental Illness and need or are seeking help: Jeevan Aastha Helpline :

Toll Free : 1800 233 3330  ( Verified )

By Meena Atmakuri

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