Busy is as busy does. Organize it.

July 06, 2013 15:39
Busy is as busy does. Organize it.

Busy ladies never seems to complete the chores on the list. The weekend comes and the weekend goes. And so does the free time. To have more 'me' time your hands, take these useful pointers to onganize the weekend.

Get rid of all the laundry work on Saturday morning before anything else. Since you will have a week's worth of pile to go through, best to get it over with. All parlor work can then be scheduled for the afternoon. A massage is what the doctor ordered after a hard week. Later spend at least an hour to pay any pending bills. If the bills are postponed, paying them becomes a chore in itself.

Now you can simply take the time off to stroll in the park or enjoying the sunset. A walk in the park or neighborhood is refreshing and rejuvenating.

On Sunday's a quick glance at the budget makes you aware of where the money is going. It's a fool proof way to curtail unnecessary expenses. In case of any impulsive shopping, a weekly check will bring the expenses right back on track.

A perfect way to unwind during the weekend is to read a good girly novel. Whatever may be the schedule, squeeze in a couple of hours to read your favorite romance novel. It is absolutely relaxing.

One of the best tips passed down through buddies and room mates is to keep vegetables ready for the entire week. Not only stack the refrigerator with veggies, keep them in neat boxes cut and ready for use. Every busy girl saves a load of time each day with this arrangement.

Sunday evenings are free to meet up with friends, maybe even a date. A girls night out is a perfect way to unwind.


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