Fitness for busy bee Woman

September 24, 2012 18:06
Fitness for busy bee Woman

For women who think that they will not be able to tone their body and don't have time to make healthy foods, here are some weight loss and fitness tips for them:

Prepare your meal twice or thrice. You can get your meal ready beforehand and when you are hungry pop them in the microwave or oven. Busy women can go for meal that is easier to cook. You can buy lots of fresh fruit. Try to inculcate more and more fruits in your menu for the entire day. Fruits such as oranges, bananas, and grapefruit are good choices as they are rich in potassium and a good source of Vitamin C. To lose weight, prefer more fresh fruits over fruit juices as juices are rich in calories.

When you go home, wash them and put them in containers for healthy and quick snacks.  This is an easy fitness tip. Due to their hurriedness over going to work, many women skip their breakfast. However, it should be noted that breakfast is one of the vital meals and you should never leave the house without having it. A breakfast provides you necessary energy and helps you to make good food choices throughout the day. To shade those extra pounds, it is necessary to have a breakfast that is rich in proteins. You can start your day by having a good breakfast. This won’t take much time and this way you will not be tempted to eat a sugary snack or a doughnut before your lunch break! This fitness tip will control your weight.

You can conduct a mini session of 2 minutes including lunges, squats and running in places to remain fit and fine. You can take the staircase whenever it is possible for you. This fitness tip will help the busy women immensely to reduce their tummy and extra pounds of weight that they gather. It happens because most of the time women do desk jobs.

Stay away from carbonated drinks. For women, who have a sweet tooth, for weight loss, they should drink more water and unsweetened tea rather than drinking soda and carbonated drinks. This is because; the sodium present in the drink potentially increases weight. You can park your car at a distance so that you can walk the way from lobby to your car and burn the extra amounts of calories. Remember, walking is the best exercise that you can do and you don’t need to take out time for this.

Another essential fitness tip for busy women is weight lifting. It is not time consuming and is beneficial for your health in the long-term. The muscles will help to increase the metabolism in your body and help you to lose fat. This resistant exercise is extremely good for other organs of your body and your heart.

Keep nutritious foods handy. For nutritional value, you can eat items, which are easily handy such as dried nuts and fruits. They are healthy and cut your cravings for food thereby preventing you from overeating and putting on weight. To gain more nutrition, add more fiber in your diet. One way through which you can do this is by eating more and more leafy vegetables.

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