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  • Haryana Women and Development department, dress code, haryana women devp dept issues dress code for women employees, Women employee

    Haryana Women & Devp dept issues dress code for women employees 09 May 2012

    Women employees at Haryana Women and Child Development will not appear in salwar kameez and sarees only as the deparment has implemented a dress code that banned western clothing including jeans and t-shirts. The department has labeled jeans and t-shirts...

    Keywords: dress code, salwar kameez, sarees, salwar kameez

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    home decorating, kitchen cleaning, manage your thoughts for a better you, Women employee

    Manage your thoughts for a better you 22 January 2013

    We women are no less than Men. In fact, many organizations prefer hiring Women employees, especially in the support departments like Human Resources and Administration as Women are best known to handle these with an ease. When it comes to...

    Keywords: home decorating, kitchen cleaning, kitchen cleaning, motherhood

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    Malayalam Media Giant, Culture Media, kerala media giant mathrubhumi to provide first day of period leave policy, Women employee

    Kerala Media Giant Mathrubhumi To Provide “First Day Of Period” Leave Policy 20 July 2017

    Kerala Media Giant Mathrubhumi To Provide “First Day Of Period” Leave Policy:- Malayalam Media Giant Mathrubhumi has decided to follow the path of digital media company, Culture Machine. Soon after Culture Machine announced a “First Day Of Period” leave to...

    Keywords: Women Employees, Women Employees, First Day Of Period Leave Policy, First Day Of Period Leave Policy

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    Cyber fraud, UK job, 30 year old women duped by cyber fraudsters 1 arrested, Women employee

    30 Year Old Women Duped by Cyber Fraudsters, 1 Arrested 04 February 2017

    In a shocking incident, a 30-year-old pharmaceutical firm employee was duped by cyber fraudsters in the name of the job in a UK-based oil firm. The women transferred Rs 6.5 lakh by mortgaging her gold jewellery with IIFL Gold Loans....

    Keywords: Cyber fraud, Hyderabad, duped, Cyber fraud

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    how women help business, women in business, women employees preferred for profitable business, Women employee

    Women employees preferred for profitable business 21 August 2013

    Women employees have the edge over men as far as the airlines industry is concerned. Domestic and foreign airlines are continuing to prefer women over men for a profitable business, largely owing to lower costs and surprisingly, lower weights. It...

    Keywords: Airline cost optimization techniques., airlines prefer women over men, female employees more profitable for business, airlines prefer women over men

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