Now, re - invent your beauty as well... for a HAPPY YOU...

October 26, 2012 12:36
Now, re - invent your beauty as well... for a HAPPY YOU...

With our daily responsibilities pulling us every which way, sometimes it's easy to get into a personal-style rut. If you feel like you've put yourself last and your look is suffering a bit-fear not-here are five quick and easy ways to reinvent your look, without spending a fortune!

Shop Your Own Closet
When we get busy, we usually grab whatever is in the front of the closet and wear it in the same old ways. But, chances are you have a bunch of fabulous clothes just waiting for you to pull them out and breathe new life into them! Take an afternoon and really see what you have. Go through everything in your closet-clothes, shoes, handbags, everything-if it doesn't fit anymore, if it's worn or pilled, or is now hopelessly out of style, it needs to go. Donate any items still in wearable shape and toss the rest. Then have fun and experiment. Try on your fancy blouses with jeans, your tees with work skirts, blazers over tanks. Take your suits and turn them into separates. See how you like a belt cinching your waist over a sweater or a pair of brightly colored pumps with neutral outfits. Not everything is going to work, but you can create dozens of new ensembles with what you already have in your closet! Another way to get ideas: Grab a fashion magazine and see how they are layering items.

Then try imitating their

styles with your own shoes, pants, blouses, and accessories!

Opt for a New 'do
A new haircut can do wonders for updating your look. If you've been rocking the same long hairdo for a while, consider a flattering and on-trend bob. Not ready to chop your locks, experiment with bangs for a while. Even the simple addition of layers to long hair can make a big difference. And, the best part is, whatever you do, it'll grow back if you decide you don't love it! Or go the opposite route and add a trendy hair piece like a clip-in ponytail or extensions.

See sultry styles you'll want to show your hairdresser.

Get a Makeover
If you are tired of your everyday makeup look, head down to your local mall for a free makeover. Nearly all cosmetics counters provide makeup applications free of charge with the hope you'll buy one or two items afterward. If you're unsure where to start, walk around the department looking for the artist who's wearing the best face and approach her. Tell her you're looking for something new and let her guide you. Be specific, though, because one woman's "neutral" is another's "OMG too much!" If you're on a budget, pick up the less expensive items at the counter and look for duplicates of the others at your local drugstore.

Shop this season's must-have makeup.

Commit to a Workout Routine
Regular exercise can change your look even before you shed a pound, thanks to the newfound confidence and healthy glow imparted when you break a sweat. Yes, finding time to work out regularly can be challenging. However, keeping yourself in shape is not only one of the most beneficial things you can do to stay looking fabulous, it's essential to your health! Whether before or after work (or even late at night, an hour or so after dinner) works best for you, start thinking about your three-times-a-week work-out as a must-do, not an optional activity. Before you know it, your gym time will be a part of your routine that you won't want to miss!

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