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    It's not paint, its foundation 01 October 2013

    Make up is something that should bring out the goodness in your face. It definitely should not make you look unrecognizable at the cost of being called painted up. Hence, every girl needs to know the right way to apply...

    Keywords: Beauty tips, how to apply foundation, foundation tips, foundation tips

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    weird news, world news, girl thrown off bus for too much makeup, Makeup

    Girl thrown off bus for too much makeup 30 December 2015

    A woman conductor threw out a British Asian Teenage girl, for wearing too much make up, to have a child’s ticket, the report says.  The woman named Zahra Sadiq was on a National Express bus in Birmingham, England, last week....

    Keywords: world news, girl makeup bus, girl makeup bus, world news

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    Top 7 international Makeup Brands 07 September 2016

    Makeup products are the need of both girl and women because without them one can not suffer in this modern age. There are various best makeup brands that are working for the fashion industry of this world. They make their products...

    Keywords: International, brands, lifestyle, International

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    Large eyes, Curly lashes, makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider, Makeup

    Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider 02 July 2014

    Large eyes are considered to be beautiful. Women with large look beautiful and also considered to be pretty. But not all women are born with large eyes. Read on to know how to use makeup skilfully to make your eyes...

    Keywords: Makeup tricks, life style news, Thick eyelashes, make your eyes appear wider

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    simple eye care tips, simple eye care tips, simple eye care tips, Makeup

    Simple eye care tips 30 May 2015

    Beautiful eyes are the best assets for every woman. As they are so sensitive, one must take extra care to protect it. Here are simple eye care tips that enhance your eye beautification. Place cold tea bags under each eye. This...

    Keywords: eye care tips, how to take care of eye skin, basic eye skin care, how to look good without eye makeup

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    common mistakes that must be avoided, Avoid these make up mistakes to look young, simple ways to look young, Makeup

    Simple ways to look young 14 July 2015

    Every woman wants to look beautiful and younger. Chances are that some of your fashion or beauty choices are actually making you look more than your real age. Here are some simple tips that must be avoided by every woman...

    Keywords: Avoid these make up mistakes to look young, skin care tips, Avoid these make up mistakes to look young, Simple mistakes that must be avoided by every woman

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    indoor photos, capture photos, look your best, Makeup

    Look your best 11 June 2013

    Today we all want to capture our best movement. But you have to prepare to look great in every photo whether its for profile or wedding or shooting. "Looking good in front of a camera is all about confidence. Practice...

    Keywords: outdoors, outdoors, look you best, posing naturally

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    lifestyle, lipstick, top 7 lipstick brands, Makeup

    Top 7 Lipstick Brands 29 September 2016

    Most of us can say that our very first cosmetic product was the much loved lipstick. We love our lipsticks so much that the color is what defines our daily mood. Since it holds so much importance in our lives,...

    Keywords: makeup, brands, makeup, lipstick

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    Instant beauty, Quick makeup tips, find your pretty side instantly, Makeup

    Find your pretty side, instantly 17 October 2013

    There are days when you just cannot bring yourself to go through the entire grind of putting on makeup. Still, you do not want to step out of the house looking dull. For the busy bees who want to prettify...

    Keywords: how to look good, how to get beautiful instantly, how to look good, choosing lipsticks

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    Lipstick, Beauty conscious monkey, video why should girls have all the makeup, Makeup

    Video: Why should girls have all the makeup? 30 May 2015

    “Why should boys have all the fun?”, when this tag was announced by ‘Hero’ company to promote their new bike called ‘Pleasure’, maybe many boys might have gotten hurt. Even then, they could not get a chance to take a...

    Keywords: Lipstick, Monkey makeover, Beauty conscious monkey, Beauty conscious monkey

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    lifestyle, kit, basic makeup products for beginner, Makeup

    Basic Makeup Products for Beginner 09 August 2016

    Most of the young teenagers would go for the kajal and lip gloss or occasionally some eyeliner. But when you think of building up your makeup kit, then come the question what are the makeup products you need to store....

    Keywords: products, products, kit, kit

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    Makeup Look For Diwali Festival, Makeup Look For Diwali Festival, diwali festival make up tutorial for office, Makeup

    Diwali Festival - Make Up Tutorial For Office 18 October 2017

    Diwali Festival - Make Up Tutorial For Office:- Diwali or Deepavali- the festival of lights and the most awaited festival is here ! We are sure the celebrations have already started in full swing. The celebrations of Deepavali not only...

    Keywords: Make Up Steps, Diwali Make Up For Office, Makeup Look For Diwali Festival, Diwali Make Up For Office

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    oily skin makeup, oily skin makeup, tips to last makeup on oily skin, Makeup

    Tips to Last Makeup on Oily Skin 13 November 2019

    Apply makeup happens to be a daily task for many. For oily skinned girls, it is sure a challenge. It takes a lot of effort, time and patience to apply makeup on your face and if it slides soon, that...

    Keywords: oily skin makeup, oily skin latest, oily skin girls, oily skin makeup

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    Face, Face, watch learn to remove your face, Makeup

    Watch: Learn to remove your face 10 June 2015

    Makeup applied on the face, vanishes, when the girl in the video rubs her face with the cotton, which finally reveals the original face of her.The difference in the shape and size of the eyes and eyebrows after rubbing them...

    Keywords: remove, makeup, remove, Face

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    quick ready tips, beauty tips for working women, simple beauty tips for working women, Makeup

    Simple beauty tips for working women 11 April 2015

    If you are working women, then it is essential to look presentable. Despite of making you look beautiful, it also makes you feel great and confident. But due to hectic schedule many women don’t have time to get ready. As...

    Keywords: how to get ready quickly, beauty tips for working women, beauty tips for working women, how to get ready quickly

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    sweat and makeup, sweat-proof makeup, how to sweat proof your makeup, Makeup

    How to sweat-proof your makeup? 13 June 2014

    Think summer and runny make-up goes hand in hand? Not any more. Save yourself from sweating off your makeup on a hot muggy day by sweat-proofing your pretty face. Here's how: Go Light Moisturize your skin religiously with a light,...

    Keywords: Beauty News, summer makeup tricks, How to sweat-proof your makeup, how to save your make up from sweat

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    Mahesh Babu wife, Prince Mahesh, prince mahesh s wife with and without makeup, Makeup

    Prince Mahesh's wife with and without makeup 14 September 2013

    Mahesh Babu always makes sure he lives up to his nickname Prince, as his good looks makes sure he is a prince among the celebrities. His wife Namratha too is an ex Miss India. She has looks that can kill,...

    Keywords: Namratha Shirodkar, Namratha with without makeup, Mahesh Babu wife, Namratha with without makeup

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    makeup, makeup, do this your makeup lasts all day, Makeup

    Do this; your makeup lasts all day 02 July 2015

    However great and heavy makeup we apply, it does not guarantee to stay the whole day, due to the traffic and pollution conditions in the city. But through following the below tips, your makeup can last long and make you...

    Keywords: Beauty tips, Beauty tips, makeup, Beauty tips

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    tips for smoky eyes, trendy eye makeups, simple way to get smoky eyes, Makeup

    Simple way to get smoky eyes 08 April 2015

    Smoky eye makeup will definitely make you more attractive. It is current trend and popular technique to give a sexy look. Here are the simple steps to have a smoky eye make up in a simple way. Take a primer and...

    Keywords: smoky eye makeup, tips for smoky eyes, trendy eye makeups, smoky eye makeup

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    Makeup Items, Check Expiry date, check that expiry date, Makeup

    Check that expiry date 03 July 2013

    Make-up is one of the most common possessions in any lady's bag. Some use more, while some just leave it there for emergencies. But in their quest for better makeup, the number of items keeps piling up. What happens when...

    Keywords: Check Expiry date, make up expiry, Women Beauty, makeup expiration date

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