Get the Eye Brow shape right!

March 12, 2012 13:22
Get the Eye Brow shape right!

One wrong move then that’s it, it would take at least 15 days to a month to correct the same… I am talking about shaping our eye brows. Well, it cannot also be said that all those beauty salons are best for eye brow shaping. There are n number of cases in which eye brows were shaped to the worst even at parlors… however, it is better for us to know certain basics about eye brow shaping;

First and foremost, if you are going for eye brow shape on your own, then be careful in choosing the plucker, tweezers and even the thread in order to get the eye brow shape right.

Here's a very important eyebrow shaping tip. A big mistake people make is taking out more hair when trimming the excess length really is what needs to go. For men this helps make the brows look more neat and groomed and for women it helps them achieve that perfectly defined look.

I remember reading in my teen magazines growing up NEVER to touch the top of the brow. How things have changed. While I'm not suggesting going into the main shape of your brow, experts agree cleaning up the stray hairs above the shape create a more defined, clean eyebrow and can help trouble brows look even with one another. Read more to see if it's right for you.

If you have sparse brows, over plucked, or are growing out brows, filling them in will give you the look you want. Use the wrong products or technique and they will look painted on, instead of natural.

With some distance from the mirror you will be able to better see to balance your brows and see the 'whole picture', and have less chance of making brows uneven. After you have your shape in, you can then get close-up to better reach the finer, lighter hairs.

Please keep in mind that arching your brow doesn't mean two perfect half circles or arches, which doesn't complement anyone's facial features. It does mean to clean up the excess hair to better frame your eyes.

I know there are little razors sold out there specifically for your brows. Read why shaving your legs is okay, shaving your eyebrows is not.

Hold skin taut by gently holding skin firm with your free hand while tweezing, means less tugging and pain on the skin.

If the hair is just too short for tweezing, don't push the tweezers into the skin. Scraping, bleeding or even scarring can result if you get a little too forceful with your tweezers. Having some hair is a better option over broken skin. Instead, just wait until the hair is a bit longer and can be easily grabbed on to.

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