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  • mackup counters, mackup tips, eye brows too talk a lot, Good looking face

    Eye brows too talk a lot… 07 February 2012

    Not only your face and the beauty and also your personality, dress sense, even your eyebrow shape either makes or breaks your look. So, wake up, try knowing what is the best eyebrow shape suited as per your facial statistics;...

    Keywords: mackup counters, good looking face, best eyebrow, mackup tips

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    fashion tips, Mackup tips, you need to be beautiful, Good looking face

    You need to be beautiful 07 February 2012

    To look beautiful, you need to be healthy. Though this is the age old statement, these days that actually has time to make all the effort to look healthy? Everything has become ‘instant’ these days. Even when it comes to...

    Keywords: Beautiful face, tips for women, healthy look, tips for women

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    tips for  parties, Mackup tips, rock the disco with your look, Good looking face

    Rock the Disco with your look! 29 February 2012

    Even though hitting a disco party has become a age old concept, till date there are many like you and me who have never experienced this experience… Now, the biggest challenge even in this case is, what to wear for...

    Keywords: Mackup tips, Good looking Face, Mackup for Party, Mackup for Party

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    tips for Mackup, Good eyebrow shape, get the eye brow shape right, Good looking face

    Get the Eye Brow shape right! 12 March 2012

    One wrong move then that’s it, it would take at least 15 days to a month to correct the same… I am talking about shaping our eye brows. Well, it cannot also be said that all those beauty salons are...

    Keywords: Good eyebrow shape, good looking face., Eye Brow shape, Eye Brow shape

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    bright smile, Good looking face, check on the age factor, Good looking face

    Check on the ‘age’ factor! 14 March 2012

    Even though we attain the age of 40 or even more, we always strive to look the way we used to in our 20’s. Well, cannot promise that look, but can definitely share what makes ageing of your skin faster...

    Keywords: drying to skin., Skin care tips, Good looking face, Good looking face

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