For that perfect ‘Date’ of your’s!

February 27, 2012 16:08
For that perfect ‘Date’ of your’s!

Break ups, make ups, meeting special person, moving around with him, all these are on and off in our life. But, a date with a special guy at any given point of time is exciting and new. Make this more special with a right kind of dressing sense;

Keep jewelry to a bare minimum. Lots of jewelry will make you cheap.

Don't overdo it with the makeup. Always remember less is definitely more.

Avoid brightly colored nail polishes and lip sticks.

Avoid hair spray, it is just not nice.

Go easy with the perfume, if you can smell it strongly, then you have put too much on.

Don't look too trendy, your friends might be jealous of your latest outfit but your date might not follow fashion and may wonder what you are wearing.

Don't wait until the last minute to shop for an outfit. Doing this will stress you out and you don't need that on the day of your date.

Wear a bra that fits and have the confidences to show a touch of cleavage. It is astonishing how many women wear the wrong size bra. If you are not sure, most department stores and lingerie shops have free bra fitting services.

Above everything, it is definitely not that I am trying to give you any gyan… but more than anything else, if you really want to make this relationship if works, work positive for you, just be true to yourself and with that Special guy… if he accepts you, he has to accept the way you are… this initial advice can help you just be yourself throughout the relationship!

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