More volume to Eye, with proper eye make – up!

February 11, 2012 11:55
More volume to Eye, with proper eye make – up!

Eyes speak our mind and to add more volume to the same can be tagged as eye make-up. Appears to be very simple, but putting on a proper eye make – up is quite a difficult task. Okay, more than difficult, we can call this to be more of a creative task. Apart from adding our own creativity for making our Eyes look just ‘Wow’, here are some more tips for you to help you out to put on the best of the eye make-up;

Eye shadows

Let's start with the eye shadows since these are the first products applied to the eye area. Well, you must apply a primer to serve as the base for the eye shadows and for the rest of the cosmetic products, of course.

Keep in mind that the purposes of the colours in eye make-up are to open up and add depth to the eyes, which means that you can add character to the eyes. Here then are my eye make-up tips to achieve just the right look for your eyes depending on the shape and colour of your eyes - colour of the eye shadows can be toned down or amped up depending on the occasion.

For the shape of eyes, remember these general rules:

•    Small Eyes - Keep the eye make up to a minimum as too much colour will make your eyes look smaller. Instead, apply a light colour on the eyelid, a darker colour in its crease and then highlight just under the brow.

•    Large Eyes - use dark colours for the eyelid including the crease while the brow must be highlighted with a flat colour.

•    Wide-set Eyes - Light colours on the eyelids and under the brows with medium colours on the crease.

•    Round Eyes - Apply one shade over the entire eyelid and then extending it to the outer corners.

•    Oriental Eyes - Use highlighter under the brow, dark shade on the lid's outer half and light shade on the lid's inner half.

And if you have light skin, I recommend avoiding the use of very dark shades and shimmer even when these are in fashion. You will only be highlighting your flaws in the eye area, which defeats the purpose of putting on makeup in the first place.

For the colours of the eyes, the rules are more flexible. I usually play with the colours of the eye shadows depending on many factors including my mood and my outfit as well as the fashionable colours of the season. Still, I have found that certain colours of eye shadows accentuate specific eye colours, which led to my tried and true pairings below:

•    Blue eyes are complemented by violet, deep blue, purple, grey and taupe

•    Green and hazel eyes look best when the eye shadows are in apricot, purple, plum, brown and other green shades

•    Brown eyes can be highlighted by copper, champagne, bronze and greenish shades as well


Then, we proceed to the next component of eyes make up - the eyeliner. As much as possible, I apply eyeliner because it adds the oomph to the polished look provided by the right application of the eye shadows. My general rule is to draw one continuous line on the lower lid and then follow with another line on the upper lid - just make sure to draw from the inner going to the outer corner and as close to the lash line as possible for a cleaner finish.


Last but important, too, I apply mascara to my lashes for more colour and more definition, not to mention longer-looking lashes. Before applying the mascara, I make sure to curl my lashes with a ShuUemura lash curler, naturally.

And voila! Your eyes make up is perfect. Now, for your cheeks and lips but these topics are for another article.

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