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August 27, 2012 10:57
The Cheat Sheet...

Women's magazines, chat shows and conventional wisdom have us believe that men are born cheaters. Some seven-and-a-half years into a relationship, apparently their radar shifts and they start to hunt for sexier conquests.

All this while, women too have 'given into the moment', been overcome by emotional weakness and honestly put, cheated on boyfriends and husbands. So women are human too and most certainly indulge the animal within themselves. The X-Factor presents a list of reasons why women would risk a healthy relationship for the 'dark side'.

Not enough sex

You can't remember the last time you had a night-long sex-a-thon? Life comes in the way of intimacy in ways one doesn’t realise and before you know it, it’s kids over kink, work over wooing and stress over sex. Women want to feel wanted.

If you’re not making an effort to make her feel special, she could seek it elsewhere. Rekindle the romance by planning date nights and special sex nights. More importantly, don’t give up on the kissing and cuddling.

You cheated, now my turn

Whoever said hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, had it bang on (pun unintended). You cheat and the one way she knows she can get back at you is by giving you a dose of your own medicine. For her, cheating in retaliation levels the playing field.

While you can’t undo your deeds, you can certainly ask her for forgiveness and assure her it won’t happen again. And mean it.


Men are not the only ones with an inner wild side. Often women have a very dormant frisky inner self that doesn’t come to the fore until perhaps a major change in their lives. Major weight loss, a new job, a new boss, new friends, moving to a new city or even mid-life crisis can constitute this phase.

Anything that is a big change from the mundane can be inspiring enough. Ensure you are communicating well. Better that than having her pour her heart out to someone else, no?

Feeling sidelined

Women are housekeepers, babysitters and even cleaners while they’re at home. Working women with children have to deal with work stress, a child to go home to and a million tiny chores to finish. Often they feel like they’re getting the raw end of the deal.

Don’t sit on your derriere and wait for instructions. Go out and help her with some chores without being asked to. While you’re at it, thank her for doing the kind of things you have no initiative for.

Bedroom boredom

Over-familiarity breeds adultery. A sex routine can be incredibly boring after years of following the same-position-same-setting format. An affair offers the chance to spice things up and brings in a sense of adventure. Start doing the unexpected-playful PDA, plan a surprise weekend getaway or even some footsie at the dinner table.

Feel good factor

Sex can lift up one’s mood and make one feel good almost instantly. Good sex, that is. Of course if your wife or girlfriend is prone to low self-esteem there’s little you can do about it, but you can help prevent the situation from deteriorating.

While it certainly is taxing if you constantly have to make her feel good and go out of the way to keep her ego intact, it won’t harm you to pay more attention and make her feel secure in her relationship with you.

Reaction to your lack of emotions

Women think from their hearts. Their most important decisions aren’t executed without a go ahead from their hearts. If your girlfriend/partner notices that over a period of time you have emotionally withdrawn, she looks at it as a sign that things are coming to an end. So in her heart, she is just moving on. Be emotionally present to avoid this situation.

A way out

This one is convenient. Instead of breaking up with you, she cheats on you. That way she doesn’t have to deal with the broken relationship alone, which is much harder to fix. An affair lets her keep her ego in place and makes her get over you faster. Keeping a Plan B may not always be a good thing. Good communication can thwart this strategy.

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