Symptoms and Treatment of Childhood Insomnia

September 14, 2022 19:37
Symptoms and Treatment of Childhood Insomnia

Symptoms and Treatment of Childhood Insomnia:- Insomnia is a problem in which people have difficulty with their sleep and they stay awake. In children, it can start during infancy and it will last for a longer time. Such children cannot sleep for a long duration and some of them struggle to sleep. They also wake up before the usual time and they never complete their sleeping hours. The mental and physical health of the children will get damaged. As per the MomJunction, the reason for this can be stress, mental health, medication or environmental factors. Here are some of the effects of Insomnia:

Refusing to sleep or trying to sleep all the time
Sleeping during the day, taking a nap or sleeping in school
Inability to focus on studies, relationships, etc.
Concentration and memory problems
Waking up frequently at night and not being able to sleep
Behavioral problems
Inability to make decisions
Being agitated and aggressive
Often being emotional


Insomnia can be attributed by changing the sleep pattern. You should keep a fixed time for the sleep of your kid and follow the routine strictly on a daily basis. Also, consult a doctor and try to find out the number of hours of sleep for your kid as per his or her age. If the child sleeps in the day, encourage him or her to sleep in the night.

There should be no noise or any disturbance in the child's room when the kid is sleeping. There should be right temperature and less light. The bed should be comfortable and there should be no disturbance for the child.

Suggest deep breathing exercises for the child for a good sleep. Pranayama and others can help them big time. Sleeping after taking bath with hot water should be made as a habit. Allow the kid to watch cartoons before the sleep. This will keep their mind active for a long time. Also motivate the kid for outdoor games.

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