7 styling techniques you can afford

November 09, 2015 16:43
7 styling techniques you can afford

I always used to wonder that, how does styling becomes so easy, without spending much on it, and finally found out their tricks. Here are seven such interesting styling techniques to stylize yourself.
1. Be aware of the basics

Basics in terms of clothing? Not a puzzle. T-shirts, skinny black pants, and a classic pump, come under the basic category, which every woman needs to possess for sure.

Black skin tight pant white 

2. What’s wrong in mixing the prints?

The real fashion girls never play by the rules to be away from the prints and so. Feel the change by mixing up the splashy prints with ease. If at all, you are new to the print game, start with the patterns, that have a similar color scheme and later go to brighter combinations.    
Mixing prints fashion

3. Half-Tuck does it all

If full tuck is something going to do with the decency, half tuck is what obstructs the guys and obviously follows you from behind. Just tuck the front in and let the tail hang out for the right effect.

Half tuck women

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4. Illusion with top or skirt

Tie the tees, at the waist part, in such a way to make the boys examine whether it is a skirt or T shirt. It is even the trick to make the guys bet about your stats.   

T shirt waist

5. Belt defines your curves

Belt is the ultimate method, that defines your curves. Use a wide leather belt, which can define curves. A woman with belt, might even need a bodyguard, that too preferably female.   

Belt fashion

6. Rest your jacket on shoulders

Just rest the jacket on your shoulders. That brings out the freaky style in you, instead of wearing it.

Jacket shoulders

7. Striped T shirt on any bottom

What is more than more fashionable than a striped T-shirt. When you don’t actually have a right bottom to wear, take a striped T shirt and pick a bottom blindly and believe me, it would still suits you the best, by giving a new look.  

Striped t-shirt

You need not take money out of your pocket to follow these above seven styling techniques. So do follow and teach the style to the world.

By Phani Ch

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