Thigh gap jewellery- New face of fashion

March 30, 2016 19:48
Thigh gap jewellery- New face of fashion

Soo Kyung Bae, a Singapore designer is the woman behind Thigh gap jewellery, which will be worn in the space between the thighs.

TGap Jewellery, a fictional company, sells jewelleries designed for thigh gaps. Reportedly, it is launched to catalyze a debate on unrealistic body image.”

The website also quotes Tania Heller, Medical Director of Washington Center for Eating Disorders and Adolescent Obesity in Bethesda about the trend, saying: "There's an increased trend in which girls and women are engaging in extreme dieting in pursuit of a so-called thigh gap."

Thigh gap jewellery

Gaps between the thighs can be observed, generally due to the bone structure. So this thigh gap jewellery has nothing to do with shaming such people, but to add beauty to the embarrassing gaps.   

In fact, in the western world, the thigh gap is being considered as the beauty ideal.

"Thigh gap represents one of the first few trends regarding body ideals, the media has popularised. It clearly demonstrates media's power on influencing one's perception of body image,” Bae said.

Thigh gap jewellery

"The jewellery pieces take the thigh-gap trend to another level, the pieces are created in hopes of sparking questions," she added. "If we let the media to keep popularising such unrealistic body ideal, will this eventually become reality?"

Each of the pieces were created from 18-karat gold-plated sterling silver.

Initially, on 22nd March 2016, when the website was launched, Bae said that, she received several confusing comments. But later many appreciated her for unique approach.  

"By using outrageous products, I hope to bring a provocative jolt that leads us to ponder and reflect upon what we are like as a society and the absurd things we value and obsess over - as well as how this creates unnecessary pressure for women and girls," Bae said.

Thigh gap jewellery

"One can use design to spark debate and reflection, to be a catalyst for people to decide for themselves about their position on this matter," she added. "I hope it leads to more people-centred, people-loving conclusions, but it is for the audience to decide for themselves."

By Phani Ch

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