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  • dressing tips in winter, fashion tips, why compromise with style in winter follow these tips, Fashion tips

    Why compromise with style in Winter, follow these tips 25 November 2015

    Putting up more clothes is horrible in Summer but hilarious in Winter. Now it is the time for hilarious episode, so let us know a few of the dressing tips to whistle in the Winter.  Why thick, when you can...

    Keywords: dressing tips in winter, Winter tips, fashion tips, fashion tips

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    styling techniques, fashion tips, 7 styling techniques you can afford, Fashion tips

    7 styling techniques you can afford 09 November 2015

    I always used to wonder that, how does styling becomes so easy, without spending much on it, and finally found out their tricks. Here are seven such interesting styling techniques to stylize yourself.  1. Be aware of the basics Basics in...

    Keywords: styling techniques, fashion tips, styling techniques, fashion tips

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    Prom season fashion tips, Fashion tips, fashion tips for prom dresses shoes, Fashion tips

    Fashion tips for prom dresses, shoes 16 April 2016

    Here are the few fashion tips, you need to consider in this prom season. Dress trends - In 2016, illusion dresses surely tops the trend list. These dresses balance the style with the right amount of coverage.- Two-pieces and crop...

    Keywords: Fashion tips, Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Prom season fashion tips

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    dressing tips, latest fashion tips, 5 fashion hacks to kill obsolescence, Fashion tips

    5 fashion hacks to kill Obsolescence 09 September 2015

    Obsolescence, the immediate thing on which this virus attacks, is on the dress, that too especially on the girls dress.You do not have that cruel heart to throw the clothes, which offered you so much craze once, but are failing...

    Keywords: fashion tips latest, fashion hacks, fashion tips latest, dressing tips

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    Fashion tips, Fashion tips, 4 fashion secrets celebrities secretly follow, Fashion tips

    4 fashion secrets celebrities secretly follow 05 August 2015

    Are the actresses born beauties, no right? Then how do they always appear very new, in every public function. Here are the four secrets, every celebrity secretly follows to stylize.   They keep accessories minimal Mix prints Combine high and low...

    Keywords: women fashion, Fashion tips, dressing tips, dressing tips

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    thigh jewellery, thigh jewellery, thigh gap jewellery new face of fashion, Fashion tips

    Thigh gap jewellery- New face of fashion 30 March 2016

    Soo Kyung Bae, a Singapore designer is the woman behind Thigh gap jewellery, which will be worn in the space between the thighs. “TGap Jewellery, a fictional company, sells jewelleries designed for thigh gaps. Reportedly, it is launched to catalyze a debate on unrealistic body image.”The...

    Keywords: thigh jewellery, Thigh gap jewellery, Thigh gap jewellery, fashion tips

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    importance of jewellery in Indian culture, maang-tikka significance, significance of indian bridal jewellery, Fashion tips

    Significance Of Indian Bridal Jewellery 12 April 2017

    Every culture and tradition has something to signify. The smallest of the practices to putting on any ornament, they all have some story behind them. India being a land of diverse cultures and traditions, dresses its daughters with different ornaments...

    Keywords: maang-tikka history, maang-tikka significance, importance of jewellery in Indian culture, importance of jewellery in our life

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    fashion tips, hand bags, 4 things to notice while buying a hand bag, Fashion tips

    4 things to notice while buying a hand bag 10 August 2015

    A hand bag is something, which adds an extra flavor on your body, along with the stylish attire. So, why to compromise on such extra flavor, with which you has a chance of getting identified, by many eyes in the...

    Keywords: hand bags, how to choose good hand bags, how to choose good hand bags, fashion tips

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    how to wear plaid skirt, Plaid skirt, how to wear plaid skirt, Fashion tips

    How to wear plaid skirt? 19 April 2016

    Plaid skirt is truly the new fashion statement, which completely changes the look of a person. But how many know to wear it perfectly to get that super perfect look? Let us discuss about the ways to wear the plaid...

    Keywords: fashion tips, Plaid skirt, fashion tips, Plaid skirt

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    Monsoon fashion tips latest, Monsoon fashion tips colors, monsoon fashion tips in this covid 19 times, Fashion tips

    Monsoon Fashion Tips In This COVID-19 Times 20 July 2020

    Monsoon Fashion Tips In This COVID-19 Times:- 2020 would be remembered by the entire world because of the arrival of coronavirus pandemic. The monsoon has already arrived and here are some fashion tips to be followed during this coronavirus monsoon:...

    Keywords: Monsoon fashion tips dresses, Monsoon fashion tips new updates, Monsoon fashion tips latest, Monsoon fashion tips

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    fancy rings, Cocktail ring, kick start new year with cocktail rings, Fashion tips

    Kick start new year with cocktail rings! 02 January 2016

    Not just jewels, bracelets, necklaces, always, sometimes, a cocktail ring can bring out all the joy in getting ready to step into a party mood. Here are 10 such cocktail rings, to give a good kick start to your new...

    Keywords: fashion rings, fashion rings, fashion tips, fashion tips

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    Fashion Tips For New Moms, New Mom Fashion Tips, 10 best fashion tips for new moms, Fashion tips

    10 Best Fashion Tips For New Moms 01 August 2017

    10 Best Fashion Tips For New Moms:- The first phrase I think I uttered the most after my first daughter was born was “What the heck?!” I just said it out loud every time I had to change my daughter’s...

    Keywords: New Mom Fashion Tips, Tips For New Moms On Fashion, Fashion Tips, New Mom Fashion Tips

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    fashion tips, Paris fashion week 2015, pierce into paris fashion week 2015, Fashion tips

    Pierce into Paris fashion week 2015 01 August 2015

    It might not take away the heart, but will definitely peel it inside. Paris fashion week 2015, is the witness of the mouth watering and nail biting fashions. Here are a few of the glimpses of gorgeous girls on the...

    Keywords: fashion tips, Paris fashion week 2015, Paris fashion week 2015, Paris fashion week 2015

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    latest ladies jeans pants, latest pants, 3 crazy pants you cannot afford to miss this season, Fashion tips

    3 crazy pants you cannot afford to miss this season 16 September 2015

    Whatever be the top, the pant on a girl’s thigh and legs is sure shot a spicy one for the guys to look at. So why not stop such guys from watching the same old pants always. Let us explore...

    Keywords: latest pants, fashion tips latest, fashion tips latest, fashion tips latest

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    new kurtas, latest Kurtas, 5 fashionable kurtas you go crazy for, Fashion tips

    5 fashionable Kurtas, you go crazy for 05 October 2015

    Kurtas and Kurtis are those which can never attract the obsolescence and wearing it can never be out of the pleasure. Here are such five fashionable Kurtas, you would go crazy for.  1. Pleasing crepe Kurta When you love the...

    Keywords: new kurtas, new kurtas, ladies kurtas online, Kurtas shopping

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    fashion tips, fashion tips, here is a phone charging jeans, Fashion tips

    Here is a phone charging jeans 22 August 2015

    How do you look at me, when I say that there is a jeans, which can charge your phone? But your looks cannot just deny the fact right?   Also read: 8 trendy, lightweight pantsWith a hidden iPhone pocket tucked into...

    Keywords: fashion tips, jeans can charge phone, fashion tips, fashion tips

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    dressing tips, office fashion, 5 official but fashionable outfits, Fashion tips

    5 Official, but fashionable outfits 10 May 2016

    Vexed with the regular busy work at office and your official wear is even more irritating you? Here comes five official but fashionable outfits, which can put you in party mood, even while you are busy with the office work.1....

    Keywords: dressing tips, office fashion, dressing tips, fashion tips

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    fashion tips, Orange shades, orange shades a fashion statement now, Fashion tips

    Orange shades- A fashion statement now 16 February 2016

    From the time of being mistaken as the member of the Holland football team or worker at building site, orange and its vivid shades are quietly becoming fashion’s favourite shades. Moreover, the shade is replacing the quintessential black as the new...

    Keywords: Lifestyle, fashion trends, fashion tips, Orange shades

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    classic watch fashion, fashion tips, 5 reasons classic watch never goes out of fashion, Fashion tips

    5 reasons classic watch never goes out of fashion 02 May 2016

    Watch is so common thing, where you find in any small phone. That is the reason, most of the people, stopped using the wrist watches. But the real fashion passionate women would still love to hook up to the classic...

    Keywords: watch fashion tips, fashion tips, classic watch fashion, fashion tips

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    all time fashion tips, dressing tips, 5 all time fashion tips, Fashion tips

    5 all time fashion tips 25 May 2016

    What is beauty and what is fashion? Something that keeps on changing from day to day or season to season. But there are few fashion tips, which work out in all the times. Here are five such tips. 1. Strategically...

    Keywords: beauty tips, dressing tips, dressing tips, all time fashion tips

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