Tips To Help Your Perfume Last Longer

September 09, 2023 20:19
Tips To Help Your Perfume Last Longer

Tips To Help Your Perfume Last Longer:- Let us take a look at the hint of your perfume to last longer and make you feel fresh all day long. It’s always a worry during summer months, to maintain constant odour. Almost all perfumes claim that they last longer, but let us take a look at some of the hacks to retain that fragrance and also an easy way of carrying your perfume all day.

The first and basic tip is how to apply. Apply perfume only after taking a shower. Dry your skin and then apply it. You can also use your moisturizer or lotion before applying your perfume, as your lotion will absorb your scent deep into the skin.

The second best point is to identify your pulse points on the surface of the skin where the fragrance spreads strongly like the wrists, neck, cleavage, belly button and ankles.

Apply a little bit of perfume to your skin as well which can hold fragrance for longer. Always do this on freshly washed hair or otherwise your natural oils that can ruin your perfume.

Make sure not to spray perfumes on your clothes, where they can leave stains and also turn less effective.

Storage of perfume is one more key point to be remembered. Store your perfumes where they will not experience direct sunlight and do not experience rapid temperature changes in places, like the bathroom.

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