Chandrayaan 2's Orbiter Observes Solar Flares

October 11, 2019 09:47
Chandrayaan 2's Orbiter Observes Solar Flares

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Chandrayaan 2's Orbiter Observes Solar Flares:- India's prestigious mission Chandrayaan 2's orbiter which is circling the moon's orbit at a speed of 100 km has measured the solar flares during September 30th and October 1st. This will help the scientists understand the processes on the sun better. The payload, solar X-ray monitor (XSM) detected the solar flares which is capable of measuring X-rays emitted by the sun and this can also measure the intensity of the solar radiation. As per the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), its main objective is to provide X-ray spectrum in the range of 1-15 keV.

Chandrayaan 2's orbiter is currently circling the moon and XSM could observe small flares during the mentioned time period. Solar X-rays excite atoms of constituent elements on the lunar surface. The orbiter’s Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer (CLASS) and the payloads of XSM can measure the lunar elemental composition through this technique. The solar activity follows an 11-year cycle and varies as per the solar maxima and solar minima. These solar X-rays emitted over a year and such episodes are known as solar flares.

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