NASA's Hunt For Chandrayaan 2 For The Second Time

October 15, 2019 15:30
NASA's Hunt For Chandrayaan 2 For The Second Time

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NASA's Hunt For Chandrayaan 2 For The Second Time:- India's prestigious Chandrayaan 2 mission missed the target before the seconds it reached the moon's orbit. The USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has scheduled its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to locate ISRO's Vikram Lander which carried Chandrayaan 2 to the space. This is the second time, NASA staged search for Chandrayaan 2 and its carrier Vikram Lander. Last time, it happened on September 17th but they could not trace the exact location of Chandrayaan 2 though they could get the pictures clicked.

The lighting conditions are expected to be better this time. ISRO earlier announced that it lost contact with Chandrayaan 2 on September 21st. NASA said that as Vikram Lander had a hard landing, it is tough to locate Chandrayaan 2 but the efforts are on. Even if NASA manages to locate Vikram Lander, it is quite difficult to establish the contact. Vikram Lander is not built to withstand the lunar night. Vikram carried a rover called Pragyan that was to have conducted experiments on the moon's surface.

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