Be 'Kiss' ready

July 16, 2013 17:33
Be 'Kiss' ready

That elusive kiss romantic novels talk about is the stuff of dreams. We have seen it depicted in our favorite movies time and time again. While some melted us, some were simply disgusting. How the actors bring out those special moments and make us buttery is much talked about. The couple may have a real life story or their reel chemistry is sizzling. Whatever may be the reason, good kissing is something everyone wants to replicate with their partner.


Aishwarya and Hrithik's kiss in Dhoom was hailed as one of the best scenes that oozed chemistry all over. In sharp contrast is Emraan Hashmi, who kissed his co-stars at the drop of a hat. Although he has refrained from doing so now, his smooches have a story of their own. Some where good, and others were unnecessary.


And then there are those of the cute but very intelligent Aamir Khan. His kisses are usually well placed in the movie and complements the proceedings. Some of them are passionate too. His kiss with Kareena in 3 Idiots was, however, a little funny. “Naak beech mein nahin aayega.” His next is reportedly with Anushka Sharma.


Kissing experts have suggested that, to get the best kiss, one needs to maintain good hygiene. Germ buildup is in control when teeth are brushed twice a day. Having fresh breath is an unspoken requisite for a pleasant kissing experience. Another important suggestion is to have moist lips. Keep the dryness at bay with quality moisturizers. Of course, having the right partner to experience it with takes the top priority. And that's how you get kiss ready.

(AW: Sruthi)

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