Work out on a better relationship

February 08, 2013 18:09
Work out on a better relationship

Throughout our lives, be it one or several, we are always involved in a relationship... but why many times we end up in problems? Are we failing to understand our partner or are we failing to understand what we actually want? Better late than never... if you are entering into a relationship or want your existing relationship to work out, here are some tips that could help you;

Be independent, both financially and emotionally, before entering into a relationship. It is better to want your partner and be with him/her rather than being for a need.

It is an absolute no - no to punish your partner by comparing him/her in any scenario with your previous partner... if you are only out of your present relationship or past relationship, completely, then think of entering into a new relationship. To be in a hurry to be involved.

What if your partner does not say I love you first? What if he does not come forward and hug you as soon as you meet? You love him crazy right? Then show that craziness... only then you love him enough... unless and until he responds properly to your acts, you need not be bothered about bothering him with your acts... if there is a problem, let it be... but, don't stop your love...

Please don't discuss any problems or even the chemistry between you and your partner with the closest friend of yours as well. Instead put your own effort to work out your relationship to be at best. Just because a rule or a act has worked for your friend in their relationship, that does not mean it works for you the same... it is your relationship and you have to deal with it...

Love your partner like crazy and mad... but, not let your love be like a jail to him/her... giving a minimum freedom is a must. If they have to come back, they will and will be yours forever... if your partner miss uses your freedom and love, it's okay... you have trusted a wrong person this time... better luck and be wise the next time in choosing the right partner...

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