Be a best partner for your partner!

November 28, 2012 18:26
Be a best partner for your partner!

Of course, relationships are as delicate as a glass that could be broken easily… but it is majorly in your hands, how you protect your relationship, before ending it. here are 3 mantras to be followed for a happy relationship;

1. When was the last time you praised your partner for the looks, work and behavior and good deeds? Are you so very tied up with your regular work that you forgot to even spare time and recognize what your partner has done for you? It could be as simple as sharing the daily work to getting you a costly gift. Once you start appreciating your partner, nothing more happiness than this the partner can get.

2. Surprise is what we all get excited about and so does your partner. Surprise your partner with his/her favorite dish, gift that branded where he/she wanted to buy for a long time, that movie he/she wanted to watch. It could be anything… you surprising your partner talks about the love you possess on your partner than would generate happiness and more love in the relationship, automatically.

3. No one is perfect. Not you and not even your partner… it is bound for a human being to make mistakes… it is only when you understand your partner if the other does something wrong, be it anything and be patient enough to let the other get some time to think and change oneself, the love and respect for you will increase at the major level. Every time this kind of a situation arises, you just put one question to yourself. What is important to you? Your partner being always right or your relationship being always happy… you will know your answer automatically.

So, start working from your end for a happy relationship!

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