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  • normal hair, beauty salon, 20 home remedies for your hair, Tips for hair

    20 home remedies for your hair 26 November 2012

    You cannot rush to a spa, beauty salon, or trichoilogist to fix recurring bad hair days every single day. Instead, your kitchen is full of ingredients that will make your tresses silky smooth, strong and beautiful. The bonus: Unlike professional...

    Keywords: oil hair, dry hair, long hair, hair

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    tips for lossweight, Good looking eyes, concentrate on changing your looks, Tips for hair

    Concentrate on changing your looks! 31 March 2012

    Weekend time and in fact some free time for you… just take time out for yourself and concentrate on changing your looks… how? Read further to know… Women and men will always compare themselves to one another, especially if they...

    Keywords: tips for lossweight, Good looking eyes, Women and Men Relationship, tips for lossweight

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    hair rinse, facial skin, replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses, Tips for hair

    Replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses 10 January 2014

    Like your facial skin, even your scalp needs winter TLC. Slathering conditioner post rinse and loading up on leave-in conditioner and serums aren't just enough. Care has to start from the root and from the very beginning of the process....

    Keywords: hair wash, homemade hair rinses, tips for hair care, hair rinse

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    Hair Dryness, Damaged Hair, hair dryness not just limited to winter, Tips for hair

    Hair Dryness, not just limited to Winter! 19 March 2012

    Hair dryness, split ends and a damaged hair for you is just not limited to winter season. Even summer has its own set of surprises for you… here are some summer hair care tips, if followed can protect the ‘beauty’...

    Keywords: Hair Dryness, Damaged Hair, Hair Dryness, Hair it is a mirracle

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    tips for hair styles, Trendy hair styles, hair styles that suit this season and you, Tips for hair

    Hair styles that suit this season and ‘YOU’! 10 April 2012

    Summer apart from being a hindrance to our skin, tone and the sultry weather could create damage to even our hair if not treated on time, summer as such is a disaster for our hair style… all those layered haircuts...

    Keywords: Summer hair styles, disaster hair, spring summer, Summer hair styles

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    less hair, tips for hairstyles, dry hair problems find a path to fix it, Tips for hair

    ‘Dry’ hair Problems? Find a path to fix it… 17 February 2012

    Just like life without spice and color is hard to survive, so as dry and life less hair, that is a hurdle to your beauty. To transform your hair to beautiful and add some life to it, here are the...

    Keywords: less hair, less hair, tips for hairstyles, less hair

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    Indian dermatologist, dandruff remedies, never oil hair in dandruff, Tips for hair

    Never oil hair in dandruff 12 December 2013

    For us Indians, hair oil seems to be the ultimate remedy for all hair woes. But mind you, oiling your hair when suffering from dandruff can only aggravate the itch and flake. Don't trust us? Read on. Dr. Vijay Singal,...

    Keywords: Delhi, Hair Tips, natural remedies for dandruff, Dr. Vijay Singal

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    mild shampoo hair care, hair fall control, add life in your hair, Tips for hair

    Add life in your Hair... 06 November 2012

    Taking care of hair that is naturally dry can be quite a task. And what with the unruly frizz that tends to always be a companion of dry hair, not to mention the dull, lifeless look it gives your locks,...

    Keywords: dry hair, mustard oil hair care, sesame oil, hair fall control

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    shampooing your hair, olive oil haircare, your dream for a strong hair, Tips for hair

    Your dream for a strong hair 15 December 2012

    Long and healthy hair... at any given point of time, this hair type is 'in'... but, not everyone are lucky to have a long and strong hair... well, nothing is impossible either... though growing a long hair is not a...

    Keywords: coconut oil, tips for hair, sesame oil, coconut oil

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    straightening tips, tips for hair straightening, 5 simple steps to straighten your hair, Tips for hair

    5 simple steps to straighten your hair 01 July 2015

    Having straight and stylish hair is every woman’s dream. But prior to hair straightening, it is important to get the right technique and use the products and tools. Here are five simple steps to get silky and straight hair. Step...

    Keywords: how to iron hair, how to straighten hair, how to iron hair, tips for hair straightening

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    tips for hair growth, Tips for Hair styles, grow your hair and flaunt your hair, Tips for hair

    Grow your hair and flaunt your hair! 13 March 2012

    Just gear up to grow your hair as much as you can, because it is a known fact that hair growth is more in Summer Season… apart from all the minimal care we take to protect our hair, here are...

    Keywords: relaxation, Tips for Hair styles, improving hair growth, improving hair growth

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    Dry Hair, Beautiful Hair, add color to your dry hair, Tips for hair

    Add color to your ‘Dry’ Hair! 17 January 2012

    Just like the more colors the more happiness in your life, similarly, the more healthy and beautiful hair, the more beauty it would add on to your look… On the other hand, what good would that dry and dull hair...

    Keywords: tips for Hair style, Dry Hair, frizzy hair, Beautiful Hair

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    , Coloring hair, coloring your hair just wait, Tips for hair

    Coloring your hair? Just wait.. 26 March 2012

    Well, I would never say you should not color your hair as it would damage your hair… I suppose you are well aware of what measures to be taken after coloring your hair, to protect the texture of your hair....

    Keywords: women hairstyle, Coloring hair, women hairstyle,

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    tips for hair, hair split ends, treat split ends naturally, Tips for hair

    Treat split ends naturally 18 December 2012

    Split ends... the biggest problem that affects your hair's beauty and leads to hair dullness, hair loss... you might have tried everything to treat split ends and might have also gone for hair cut... why don't you try these out???...

    Keywords: long hair, tips for hair, tips for hair, spits reduce

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    skin care tips, good looking lips, look your best this dussera, Tips for hair

    Look your best this Dussera... 23 October 2012

    Its all about looking your best especially this Dussera, in order to re create the magic on your loved ones with your looks and to build up your happiness as such; Just remember that multi-purpose products are your essentials.  Hair...

    Keywords: beauty tips, good looking lips, skin care tips, tips for women

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    Good Hair Style, Dandruff fred hair, dandruff free clear scalp, Tips for hair

    Dandruff free clear scalp! 12 April 2012

    No doubt, a beautiful and a healthy hair is an asset for our beauty… but, just imagine your hair covering that dry and scaly scalp? Ohh… not at all a good option right? Then better not go for it… just...

    Keywords: Good Hair Style, Dandruff fred hair, Tips for Hair style, olive oil treatment

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    Hair grow faster, grow healthy long locks, your hair grow faster, Tips for hair

    your hair grow faster 08 February 2012

    Stop envying that long and beautiful hair of your friend and just wait for that time to cross over for your own hair to grow long. Here are tips that can help your hair grow faster and more healthy; 1....

    Keywords: Hair grow faster, tips for hair growth, tips for hair growth, Hair grow faster

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    good diet is better than cosmetics, healthy tips for hair, food is the best medicine for healthy skin and hair, Tips for hair

    Food is the best medicine for healthy skin and hair 15 May 2015

    By being beauty conscious we use many cosmetics to take care of our skin. But experts suggest our diet is the best beauty medicine. "Food can be the best medicine for healthy hair and skin. Hair loss might be due...

    Keywords: best cosmetics, best cosmetics, healthy tips for beautiful skin, good diet is better than cosmetics

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    hair styles india, hair styles india, splits a hurdle for your life, Tips for hair

    ‘Splits’, a hurdle for your life! 17 December 2011

    Oh God! This Spilt ends are actually a very big pain. You need to cut them, in return your hair would be at a loss. No matter how much you maintain your hair, whatever might be a brand of the...

    Keywords: tips for hair loss, tips for hair loss, hair styles india, tips for hair loss

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    Powerful life, Peaceful life, power of reality, Tips for hair

    Power of ‘Reality’! 16 February 2012

    ‘Real’ be it in life or various situations we face in our life as such, has many times been not so easy to accept. But the funda for a peaceful life is to accept whatever the reality is, be it...

    Keywords: Lifestyle, women lifestyle, tips for hairstyle, tips for beauty

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