Coloring your hair? Just wait..

March 26, 2012 11:29
Coloring your hair? Just wait..

Well, I would never say you should not color your hair as it would damage your hair… I suppose you are well aware of what measures to be taken after coloring your hair, to protect the texture of your hair. It is just that a wrong hair color on your hair, that would absolutely not suit your skin color, could make a major adverse difference on your look as well. so, just wait, read further and choose that perfect hair color for you;

If you have a blemished skin avoid the solid all-over colours that are really very blonde or very dark. These two extremes are really only flattering to those under 25 and with clear skins.

If you have pinkish tones in your cheeks, across your nose or have a tendency to blush, avoid the pinky reds e.g. burgundy's, wine reds and mahoganies. Adding more pink or red will only add to those unwanted skin tones.

Your skin tone is categorized as being either cool (olive/yellow based or dark) or warm (fair or pinkish undertones). If you add more of the tones you have in your skin to your hair you will make yourself look ill or washed out. This is because your hair will begin to either blend with your skin color or exaggerate unwanted skin tones.

Examples of this are those of you that have red cheeks or blush easily, would generally be warm skin toned and should not add pinky reds to the hair as it would exaggerate the red cheeks. If you have lots of olive tones in your skin color then choosing a golden blonde or soft copper colour would make you look more yellow and sick and enhance any dark circles under your eyes.

Your eye colour in combination with how dark or light your skin is plays a big part in how light or how dark a colour should be, to bring out your best rather than to wash you out. Try this for a guide:

Light eye colour with dark skin or dark eye co lour with light skin: anything goes.

Light eyes with light skin: stay light/fair with your hair depth.

Light eyes medium skin/ Medium eye depth with light skin - try colours light to medium in depth.

Medium eye colour depth, medium skin- only the dark blondes and light browns are for you.

Medium eyes with dark skin/ Dark eyes with medium skin - stay with the dark to medium level colors in your hair.

Dark eyes, dark skin: you guessed it: dark hair too.

Apart from a hair color as such, you can also think opting for the alternative coloring methods like;

Alternative Colouring Methods:

Colouring using Henna or Plant based products.

Progressive Dyes

Thinking about Highlights? Check here first!.

Changing Your Hair Colour

'Deeper, Richer, Warmer' colours for your hair

Blonde, Blonde and more Blonde

Caring for Colored Hair

All you need to know about Allergies to Hair Dye and Henna

What suits the best for you and what you want on your hair, you are the final decision maker!

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