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  • Tirupati Idli Festival, Rayalaseema delicacies, idli festival at tirupati, Samaikyandhra movement

    Idli Festival At Tirupati 23 November 2013

    Tirupati that has not been cooled with regards to the Samaikyandhra movement opposing the decision of the Government to bifurcate the State staged the protest in a different style. An idli made to five feet with inscriptions of Samaikyandhra on...

    Keywords: Telugu Thalli Statue at Tirupati, Rayalaseema delicacies, Rayalaseema delicacies, Telugu Thalli offered Idli

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    Ashok Babu with Students, Ashok Babu at Nellore, ashok babu calls students to get ready, Samaikyandhra movement

    Ashok Babu Calls Students To Get Ready 27 November 2013

    The APNGO's Association President Ashok Babu called the students to get ready to participate in the Samaikyandhra movement. Talking to the students in Vikram Simhapuri College at Nellore today, Ashok Babu said that all the talks about the State bifurcation...

    Keywords: , Vikram Simhapuri College at Nellore, Ashok Babu at Nellore, Ashok Babu at Nellore

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    members of GoM, ESL Narasimhan Delhi Tour, governor s delhi tour, Samaikyandhra movement

    Governor's Delhi Tour 23 October 2013

    AP Governor ESL Narasimhan reached Delhi on Tuesday evening. It is known from the reliable sources that the Governor will stay there for a few days during which time he will meet all bigwigs in addition to the members of...

    Keywords: AP Governor ESL Narasimhan, AICC President Sonia Gandhi, ESL Narasimhan meets Sonia Gandhi, ESL Narasimhan at Delhi

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    Telangana region, Samaikyandhra Movement, only two persons gained credibility in seemandhra, Samaikyandhra movement

    Only Two Persons Gained Credibility in Seemandhra 24 October 2013

    Among all the leaders of the Seemandhra belonging to different parties, only Kiran Kumar Reddy stands strong and tall with his increased goodwill in the region. Another person is Ashok Babu President of APNGOs Association who does not belong to...

    Keywords: Kiran Kumar Reddy, State bifurcation, Kiran Kumar Reddy, congress party

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    Seemandhra Electricity Employees Agitation, Samaikyandhra, seemandhra electricity employees agitation, Samaikyandhra movement

    Seemandhra Electricity Employees Agitation 05 December 2013

    Seemandhra Electricity Employees Joint Action Committee Convener Saibaba announced that the schedule of program of agitation will be announced by 9th December. As the Government is going with a single pointed agenda to break the State in to two parts,...

    Keywords: Samaikyandhra movement, Samaikyandhra movement, Seemandhra Electricity Employees JAC Convener Saibaba, Seemandhra Electricity Employees Agitation

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    Ashok Babu, Ashok Babu, ashok babu flayed by former apngo s secretary, Samaikyandhra movement

    Ashok Babu Flayed by Former APNGO's Secretary 07 December 2013

    Former Secretary of APNGO's Association Subbarayan made allegations on the President of the Association Ashok Babu. Subbarayan says that the movement was not run by Ashok Babu in a proper way. He said that Ashok Babu ran it with unilateral...

    Keywords: Samaikyandhra movement, Ashok Babu Flayed by Former APNGO's Secretary, Former Secretary of APNGO's Association Subbarayan, Ashok Babu Flayed by Former APNGO's Secretary

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    APNGOs, Samaikya Rashtra Parirakshana Vedika, samaikya rashtra parirakshana meeting at hyderabad, Samaikyandhra movement

    Samaikya Rashtra Parirakshana Meeting At Hyderabad 16 November 2013

    Samaikya Rashtra Parirakshana Vedika conducted public meeting at Ashoka Gardens at Mehadipatnam as planned earlier with 500 members of the association which was registered recently. Samaikya Vedika Hyderabad President PVV Satyanarayana commented that the Seemandhra Ministers proved more dangerous than...

    Keywords: Samaikya Rashtra Parirakshana Meeting, samaikyandhra, Samaikya Rashtra Parirakshana Vedika, APNGOs

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    Ashok Babu comments on Digvijay, Ashok Babu comments on Digvijay, digvijay s arrival bad omen ashok babu, Samaikyandhra movement

    Digvijay's Arrival Bad Omen- Ashok Babu 13 December 2013

    APNGOs' Association President Ashok Babu commented on the visit of Digvijay Singh that it is a bad omen for the State.  Ashok Babu said that the tour of Digvijay Singh is only for political gain. He said that he is...

    Keywords: Ashok Babu, Digvijay's Arrival, Breaking News, Ashok Babu comments on Digvijay

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    APNGOs Ashok Babu, APNGOs Ashok Babu, strike ended but not the movement ashok babu, Samaikyandhra movement

    Strike Ended But Not The Movement- Ashok Babu 23 October 2013

    The APNGOs Association President Ashok Babu assured told the media representatives at Srikakulam today that the Samaikyandhra Movement has not ended but only the strike is called off temporarily. Ashok Babu explained that the strike is part of the Samaikyandhra...

    Keywords: proposal of bifurcation in Assembly, APNGOs Ashok Babu, proposal of bifurcation in Assembly, Ashok Babu

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    Telangana Bill, Samaikyandhra Movement, seemandhra in turmoil on cabinet decision, Samaikyandhra movement

    Seemandhra In Turmoil On Cabinet Decision 06 December 2013

    Bandh call is given various Samaikyanadhra supporting associations in Seemandhra on hearing about the Cabinet’s approval for the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh carving out 10 districts of Telangana out of it.  Political parties also gave bandh calls. Bandh started last...

    Keywords: Seemandhra bandh, Union Cabinet approves bifurcation, Telangana Bill, Seemandhra bandh

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    Guru Sishyula Gunde Chappudu program on Samaikya, Teachers and Students program at kurnool, fire of samaikya not extinguished by heavy rains, Samaikyandhra movement

    Fire of Samaikya Not Extinguished By Heavy Rains 02 November 2013

    The fire of Samaikyandhra Movement is not totally extinguished by the heavy rains or flood waters followed it.  Nor the movement was swayed away by Phailin cyclone. A program called "Guru Sishyula Gunde Chappudu" meaning the heart beats of the...

    Keywords: Guru Sishyula Gunde Chappudu, fire of Samaikyandhra Movement, Samaikyandhra, Teachers and Students program at kurnool

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    Congress Government, AP State bifurcation, digvijay go back from dec 12 ashok babu, Samaikyandhra movement

    'Digvijay Go Back' From Dec 12- Ashok Babu 10 December 2013

    The APNGO President Ashok Babu said at APNGO Home that the visit of Digvijay Singh to the State is aimed at getting the Telangana Bill passed at Assembly. He said that the arrival of Digvijay Singh to the State will...

    Keywords: Digvijay Go Back, Congress Government, APNGO President Ashok Babu, Samaikyandhra movement

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    APNGO's Ashok Babu, Samaikyandhra movement, elections just for namesake ashok babu, Samaikyandhra movement

    Elections Just For Namesake- Ashok Babu 26 December 2013

    APNGO's Association President Ashok Babu said that the elections of the APNGO's Association are being held just for the name sake.  Ashok Babu attending Maha Soura Yagam at Arasavelli Sun Temple in Srikakulam District said after the performance of special...

    Keywords: Chalo Assembly program, APNGO's Ashok Babu, APNGO's Elections News, APNGO's Elections News

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    approval of AP state bifurcation, Home Minsiter Sushil Kumar Shinde, agitations in seemandhra, Samaikyandhra movement

    Agitations in Seemandhra 07 December 2013

    The Samaikyandhra Movement ignited yesterday again with the approval of state bifurcation by the Union Cabinet reached second day today. Congress, TDP and YSRCP parties not only supported but ensured that the bandh in 13 districts is successfully conducted. 1....

    Keywords: Union Cabinet, approval of AP state bifurcation, Agitations in Seemandhra, Congress

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    Telangana political JAC, TRS Party, yes you can do it trs encourages seemandhra, Samaikyandhra movement

    Yes You Can Do It, TRS Encourages Seemandhra 23 October 2013

    A Capital can be built for Seemandhra in 2 years of time, says Etela Rajender senior leader of TRS confidently while talking in the press conference in Telangana Bhavan Hyderabad.   Etela says that with the big contractors Seemandhra has...

    Keywords: Seemandhra, Samaikyandhra movement, Telangana political JAC, TRS Party

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    Samaikyandhra movement, Five feet idli, telugu talli offered idli, Samaikyandhra movement

    Telugu Talli Offered Idli 23 November 2013

    Tirupati that has not been cooled with regards to the Samaikyandhra movement opposing the decision of the Government to bifurcate the State staged the protest in a different style. An idli made to five feet with inscriptions of Samaikyandhra on...

    Keywords: Five feet idli, Rayalaseema delicacies, Rayalaseema delicacies, Five feet idli

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    AP State bifurcation, Md.Iqbal, vijayawada employees ready to strike from 24th, Samaikyandhra movement

    Vijayawada Employees Ready To Strike From 24th 16 November 2013

    APNGO's Association leader and convener of Samaikyandhra Krishna District JAC Md.Iqbal announced that the Government employees will go on strike from 24th. He said that the Central Government is going ahead with their plan of bifurcation steadily in spite of...

    Keywords: Samaikyandhra movement, Seemandhra, Ashok Babu, Vijayawada Government employees

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    TDP, 100 days of Samaikyandhra movement, 100 days of samaikyandhra movement in seemandhra, Samaikyandhra movement

    100 Days of Samaikyandhra Movement in Seemandhra 08 November 2013

    Seemandhra people have been protesting for 100 days against the Center's decision on July 30, to bifurcate the State. In the above photo Samaikyandhra activists sat in the formation of 100 at the Clock Tower Center in Anantapur to mark...

    Keywords: Samaikyandhra, Congress Working Committee, TDP, Samaikyandhra

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    Samaikyandhra Movement, Bifurcation of AP State, seemandhra roars for samaikyandhra, Samaikyandhra movement

    Seemandhra Roars For Samaikyandhra 06 December 2013

    Breaking of the news by the Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde about the Union Cabinet's approval for bifurcating the State carving out Telangana with 10 districts has triggered protests from all the districts of Seemandhra. Bandh was total.  No...

    Keywords: Union Cabinet, Seemandhra, Political parties, Seemandhra Bandh Call

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    bifurcation of AP State, Digvijay Singh, ashok babu calls for all parties unified fight, Samaikyandhra movement

    Ashok Babu Calls for All Parties' Unified Fight 22 October 2013

    APNGO's Association President Ashok Babu while talking to the media representatives in his East Godavari tour said that a strategy is worked out to fight against the Government's decision to bifurcate the State.   He urged that the statements of...

    Keywords: statements of Digvijay Singh, Government's decision to bifurcate the State, APNGO's Association President Ashok Babu, political parties

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