Yes You Can Do It, TRS Encourages Seemandhra

October 23, 2013 15:49
Yes You Can Do It, TRS Encourages Seemandhra

A Capital can be built for Seemandhra in 2 years of time, says Etela Rajender senior leader of TRS confidently while talking in the press conference in Telangana Bhavan Hyderabad.  

Etela says that with the big contractors Seemandhra has it can easily build a capital within two years.  The Telangana political JAC was telling previously that keeping Hyderabad as a joint capital for 10 years may be too long a period.  They are demanding that the period of keeping Hyderabad as a joint capital be reduced to 3 years.  

Etela has gone a step further and expressed his confidence that Seemandhra can do it in 2 years of time.  

But in fact the problem is not the number of years that will take to build up a capital.  It is question of keeping the State united for which the Samaikyandhra movement is fighting.  The protesters for Samaikyandhra have never disputed on the capabilities of the Seemandhra in building a capital in 10 years.  In fact they do not see a reason for such an effort as they believe that the city of Hyderabad is already developed jointly by all the people of the State and as such everyone has a right on it.  

It is not the advice or a word of encouragement to Samaikyandhras in fact.  It is only an attempt to keep up the identity in the eyes of the public and to make it clear that TRS wants to have the fruits of the achievement of Telangana which is evident with the further comments made by Etela Rajender.
He criticized Telangana Congress leaders celebrating the victory by conducting Telangana Jaitrayatra.  He questioned Congress party leaders what sacrifices they have made to claim Telangana victory now?

As a matter of fact TRS has its own political problems of keeping identity like other parties do.  It is a fact that no party is at ease after the decision of the AP State bifurcation is announced by the Congress party including Congress party.  Indecisiveness and uncertainty are prevailing among all the political parties without exception but with a quantitative difference depending on the size and ambitions of the party.  

Political analyzers conclude that the statements like the one made by Etela Rajender only show their sheer feeling of desperation and uncertainty.  


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