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  • TDP, Congress, master plan of botsa behind shifting to ysrcp, Mlc by elections

    Master plan of Botsa behind shifting to YSRCP 04 June 2015

    ‘Congress party’. The sound of it, is a doubt in Telangana, and out in Andhra Pradesh. The results delivered in the elections prove the statement. So, the two Telugu state ministers of Congress, has a threat to their political career....

    Keywords: MLC elections, TDP, Congress, YSRCP

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    TRS, MLC elections, perfect petition by tdp to target those in trs, Mlc by elections

    Perfect petition by TDP to target those in TRS! 25 May 2015

    The Telangana TDP officials are Leaving no stone unthrown towards the TRS government. Now, they had taken another big step against it, by approaching the court.It is known that, few of the TDP leaders have shifted their route to TRS...

    Keywords: MLC elections, TRS, MLC elections, TDP

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    TDP, TRS, revanth reddy caught red handed, Mlc by elections

    Revanth Reddy caught Red handed 01 June 2015

    On Sunday evening, Revanth Reddy was caught hold by the police red handed, when the latter was bribing a nominated member of the Assembly representing the Anglo-Indian community, Elvis Stephenson.The news was out into media after a video footage which...

    Keywords: arrest, MLC elections, arrest, MLC elections

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    TDP, BJP, mlc elections on monday, Mlc by elections

    MLC elections on Monday 01 June 2015

    The MLC elections in Telangana are going to be held on Monday. For the six vacancies, seven candidates are competing for the posts.The MLC elections under MLA quota, are resembling a war. Generally, the political parties do not give much...

    Keywords: TDP, TDP, BJP, TDP

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    how many mlc seats in ap, AP MLC By-Elections, ysrcp finalizes three candidates for ap mlc by elections, Mlc by elections

    YSRCP Finalizes Three Candidates for AP MLC By-Elections 12 August 2019

    YSRCP Finalizes Three Candidates for AP MLC By-Elections:- Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy finalized the names for the approaching MLC by-elections. Mopidevi Venkata Ramana, minority leader Mohammed Iqbal and senior leader Challa...

    Keywords: teacher mlc in ap, teacher mlc in ap, teacher mlc in ap, ap mlc list 2019

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    MLC elections in Telangana, TRS, trs threatens oppositions to withdraw mlc nominations, Mlc by elections

    TRS threatens oppositions to withdraw MLC nominations! 15 December 2015

    While MLC elections heat is ongoing in Telangana state, there are many suspicions held on the TRS party, saying that, it is threatening the independent candidates, and making them withdraw their nominations.  The MLC elections in Telangana, are going to...

    Keywords: Telangana MLC elections, MLC elections in Telangana, Telangana MLC elections, Telangana MLC elections

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    tdp seeks mim support, mim tdp, tdp seeks majlis support, Mlc by elections

    TDP seeks Majlis support 09 March 2013

    There's an age old saying, which goes something like this: an enemy's enemy is friend. Once MIM and Congress were good friend (allies) but after MIM came out of Congress, TDP-the opposition party in the state-seems to use this chance...

    Keywords: mim tdp, mim tdp, mim ally, mim ally

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    MLC elections, MLC elections, jupudi out prathibha in, Mlc by elections

    Jupudi out, Prathibha in 22 May 2015

    Regarding the MLC nominations from TDP party, there are some vital changes, in fact the shocks, few of the leaders experienced. No vote for Jupudi in AP:It was known that, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu proposed Jupudi's name for...

    Keywords: AP, Jupudi Prabhakar, Anuradha, MLC elections

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    AP, MLC elections, no more bun i want biriyani kcr, Mlc by elections

    No more Bun, I want Biriyani- KCR 27 May 2015

    If we have Rs.10, we think about tea and a bun, with Rs.100, we might dare to have tiffin, but when we possess Rs.1000 in hand, no one can stop us from ordering a Biriyani in a good hotel. It...

    Keywords: AP, KCR, KCR, TDP

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    Telangana Congress party, Jana Reddy, congress eyes two mlc seats, Mlc by elections

    Congress eyes Two MLC seats 20 December 2014

    Telangana Congress party is still quite strong in South Telangana and has its eyes on the two MLC seats of Nalgonda district. Congress is sketching strategies to win these two seats despite heavy competition from the ruling TRS party. However,...

    Keywords: Telangana Congress party, Jana Reddy, AICC general secretary, Ramachandra Khuntia

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    Revanth Reddy, MLC elections, trs bribed extra mlas for 200 crores, Mlc by elections

    TRS bribed extra MLAs for 200 crores? 02 June 2015

    In MLC elections, the TDP party had to face an insult in the Telangana state by not winning the seat. But, a few of the TDP leaders are now alleging that, the result is due to the foul politics played...

    Keywords: TDP, CBI, MLC elections, TRS

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    Congress, Congress, high recommendations for mlc ticket, Mlc by elections

    High recommendations for MLC ticket? 20 May 2015

    Former minister, Congress party Senior leader, Jana Reddy met TRS senior leader KK at his house.Reason behind Jana Reddy meeting with KKIt is known that Telangana MLC (member of legislative council) elections have become a hot buzz among the politicians...

    Keywords: MLC elections, MLC elections, TRS, Congress

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    Congress, TRS, mlc election results out, Mlc by elections

    MLC election results out 01 June 2015

    The most awaited MLC election results are finally out on Monday evening. As expected TRS won five seats and the remaining one seat is won by the Congress.On Monday, a total of 118 candidates utilized their votes out of 120...

    Keywords: Telangana, Telangana, TDP, TRS

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    mlc list congress, mlc list congress, mlc elections bjp takes neutral stance, Mlc by elections

    MLC elections: BJP takes neutral stance 11 March 2013

    MLC elections are in the air and this is the only topic, which has been discussed among political circles now. While TDP is looking forward to taking support from many other parties such as MIM and Left Parties, BJP said...

    Keywords: bjp mlc elections, tdp dhadi, tdp dhadi, tdp dhadi

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    MLC elections, Telangana, mlc elections in both telugu states, Mlc by elections

    MLC elections in both Telugu states 08 May 2015

    Member of Legislative Council (MLC) elections are going to be held in both the Telugu states and regarding this, the notification is about to be released by the Election Commission.In 6 places in Telangana state and 4 places in Andhra...

    Keywords: Telangana, MLC elections, MLC elections, Andhra Pradesh

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    MLC polls, Rayalaseema, tdp faces defeat in teachers mlc elections, Mlc by elections

    TDP Faces Defeat In Teachers' MLC Elections 21 March 2017

    Ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP), might have not expected to face a defeat in the Teachers' MLC elections. The TDP nominees, have defeated YSRC candidates in Kurnool, Kadapa and Nellore in the biennial elections, from the Local Authorities Constituencies (LACs),...

    Keywords: Rayalaseema, MLC elections, MLC polls, TDP

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    MLC elections 2015, MLC elections 2015, mlc candidates from trs listed, Mlc by elections

    MLC candidates from TRS, listed 21 May 2015

    Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari and minister Thummala Nageshwara Rao were finalized as the candidates from TRS party to contest in MLC (Member of Legislative Council) elections. Both the candidates are going to file the nomination by 11am, on Thursday.Till...

    Keywords: MLC elections 2015, MLC elections, TRS party MLC candidates, Thummala Nageshwara Rao

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    Revanth Reddy, TRS, time to think about another cm for ap, Mlc by elections

    Time to think about another CM for AP? 03 June 2015

    “Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, tried to bribe TRS MLAs and he is the key person behind Revanth Reddy scam, we even have the evidence to prove it”, Nayini said.   Revanth Reddy scam has created a terrific torture...

    Keywords: TRS, TDP, TRS, Nayini

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    Narasimhan, Narasimhan, 4 mlc candidates nominated from tdp, Mlc by elections

    4 MLC candidates nominated from TDP 13 June 2015

    Governor ESL Narasimhan had issued orders nominating TDP leaders Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, TD Janardhan Rao, Bida Ravichandra Yadav and G. Srinivasulu as MLCs under the Governor’s quota.The AP government had recommended the nomination of the four TDP leaders as MLCs,...

    Keywords: TDP, Narasimhan, TDP, TDP

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    Athram Sakku and R Kantha Rao, MLC polls updates, two telangana mlas accuses congress of offering rs 50 lakhs for vote, Mlc by elections

    Two Telangana MLAs Accuses Congress Of Offering Rs 50 Lakhs For Vote 05 March 2019

    Two Telangana MLAs Accuses Congress Of Offering Rs 50 Lakhs For Vote:- Two Congress legislators who defected to join in the leading Telangana Rastra Samithi (TRS) accused Congress of trying to bribe before the upcoming Legislative Council elections that are...

    Keywords: TRS, Telangana MLC polls, MLC polls updates, Telangana MLC polls

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