Perfect petition by TDP to target those in TRS!

May 25, 2015 16:42
Perfect petition by TDP to target those in TRS!

The Telangana TDP officials are Leaving no stone unthrown towards the TRS government. Now, they had taken another big step against it, by approaching the court.

It is known that, few of the TDP leaders have shifted their route to TRS by joining the party. Increasing the fuel in the fire, the TRS party officials have decided to drop in one more candidate to contest in MLC elections. So, when the fuel is increased, generally the situations would be more serious.

Petition to make them ineligible to vote

Continuing the trend of this logic, the Telangana TDP officials have approached the court and filed a petition on the leaders of TRS Party who jumped from TDP recently. The petition is all about making those jumped candidates ineligible to vote in MLC elections.

TDP officials get 1+1 offer?

It would be a 1+1 offer for TDP, if the court accepts the petition because, it would not only be a good solution for the revenge on those candidates who left TDP, but also, a good way to target the opposition party TRS, who criticizes TDP in almost every public meeting.  

As a part of 'Operation Aakarsh', the Telangana TDP officials are aiming their guns at the leaders who left the party and joined TRS for their personal benefits. The TDP officials are proceeding legally with the 'House motion' petition, with the intention of making the jumped candidates from TDP, ineligible to be MLAs and also to vote in MLC elections. With this, the TDP officials are estimating that this action would show a greater influence on TRS party too.

However, the court's approval regarding the petition filed by the Telangana TDP officials is still awaiting.

By Phani

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