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  • effection, life partner, let your relationship be happy ever, Life partner

    Let your relationship be 'happy' ever... 01 November 2012

    Having a relationship with someone can be very tricky sometimes. It may even feel like a full-time job on some days. However, being in a happy relationship is one of the best feelings on earth - to be with someone,...

    Keywords: love, relationship, weekends, happy relationship

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    life partner, friends, don ts for a perfect relationship, Life partner

    Don'ts for a perfect relationship 22 March 2013

    We might have talked more about the do's of a perfect relationship and how to sustain in a relationship... let's revise the quick don'ts for a survival of any relationship; Never ever discuss anything, it could be a day to...

    Keywords: friends, tensions, pressure, love

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    tips for relationship, age difference, deal with age gap factor in your relationship, Life partner

    Deal with 'age gap' factor in your relationship... 15 November 2012

    When we talk of age differences in relationships, we are reminded of celebrity couples like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. It makes us wonder whether age differences really matter in relationships or not. You need...

    Keywords: celebrity couples, long term relation, older man relationship, older man relationship

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    Dating, disclosing about your past, all about disclosing about your past to your life partner, Life partner

    All About Disclosing About Your Past To Your Life Partner 27 November 2018

    All About Disclosing About Your Past To Your Life Partner:- Dealing best in any relationship is disclosing about our past to the present partner. Most of the people completely refrain from disclosing about their past. This will sure land them...

    Keywords: relationships, Dating, disclosing about your past impact, Dating

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    family, friends, compromise but to certain extent, Life partner

    compromise... but to certain extent... 03 December 2012

    No relationship works for a long time, without stepping down and compromising at least sometime during the journey of you with your partner. This 'compromise' takes a major turn and proves to be mandatory, in the relationships where your 'heart'...

    Keywords: marriage, partner, relationships, marriage

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    understanding women, love interest, understand your women, Life partner

    understand your women 01 December 2012

    Just as Woman want to know how a guy reacts, what he thinks, his likes and dislikes... similar in the case of guys... So guys forget about to know what women like... just know some turn offs of women in...

    Keywords: man women relation, man women relation, man women likes and dislikes, understanding women

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    Lifestyle, Breakups, afraid of a break up stop it now, Life partner

    Afraid of a break up??? Stop it now... 24 September 2012

    All relationships lose their initial spark as the relationship grows and people start looking for a relationship rescue as this starts affecting the enthusiasm of the relationship. This is already when one should think of how to stop a break...

    Keywords: Awareness, Relationships, Lifestyle, Awareness

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    yourlife, lifepartner Dispute, dispute with your partner or family time to think, Life partner

    ‘Dispute’ with your Partner or Family? Time to think 12 March 2012

    If we believe we are human beings with lot of emotions put together then there are all the possibilities of you ending up with an dis agreement, argument, mis understanding and even in a dispute with your loved ones and...

    Keywords: lifepartner Dispute, lifepartner Dispute, yourlife, lifepartner Dispute

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    relationship, lovers, not an affair but a relationship, Life partner

    Not an affair but a 'Relationship?' 01 December 2012

    'Extra marital Affair'... the term itself is treated as a abusive word and definitely not accepted by the society... so will be pre marital sex and live - in relationships... but my question is, if these are accepted by the...

    Keywords: couples, partner, couples, affair

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    Collegues, Love, couples who share common language of love more likely to date, Life partner

    Couples who share common language of love 'more likely to date' 23 June 2012

    Researchers at the University of Texas said the style of speech couples adopt after meeting can even predict whether or not they will form a relationship, a major newspaper reported. Those that quickly fall into the same pattern, subconsciously synchronising...

    Keywords: Love, Love., Couples, Life partner

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    pregnancy, romance, women s role in multitasking, Life partner

    women's role in multitasking... 03 December 2012

    'Multitasking and women go hand in hand... women are best at multitasking'... these are known and heard by us... but, are really women best at multitasking? Can we women multitask? Really? The concept of multitasking and women being connected with...

    Keywords: romance, women office work, life partner, pregnancy

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    Love and Relationships, Life partner, women more likely than men to ogle opposite gender, Life partner

    Women more likely than men to ogle opposite gender 01 May 2012

    Women are the guiltier party when it comes to checking out members of the opposite gender, especially while on holiday with partner, a new study has revealed While a total of 56 per cent of men admitted ogling other women...

    Keywords: Love and Relationships, Girl friend, Life partner, Girl friend

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    live longer, enjoy life, live life king size, Life partner

    live life 'King size'! 27 November 2012

    Wouldn't it be great if there were a simple set of instructions for living a happy and fulfilled life? How about an instruction manual for life? Something along the lines of "Enjoy childhood, Explore young adulthood, Engage in a rewarding career,...

    Keywords: happiness, joke, joke, blood pressure

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    partner boring, successful relationship., give advice in a loving way, Life partner

    Give advice in a loving way 21 June 2013

    Is your Partner boring? does not compliment you, does not spend time with you, does not respect your feelings, does not think about you, does not share your work? You are capable enough to make him understand what do you...

    Keywords: understand partner, successful relationship., love and relationship, life partner

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    love, hugging, improve your relationship be happy, Life partner

    Improve your relationship... be happy... 17 November 2012

    In the rush of trying to complete your endless to-do list, it can be easy to forget the most basic way to connect with your partner-through touch. These simple but powerful gestures are the easiest way to cement your love...

    Keywords: hugging, embracing, partner, kissing

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    friendship, love, does your partner is uncomfortable with you, Life partner

    Does your partner is uncomfortable with you? 27 December 2012

    Does your 'partner' with whom you are in a committed relationship, just goes a step back to let the World know about you both??? Does he still introduces you to his friends and colleagues as ‘just friend’ and behaves the...

    Keywords: tips for couples, man women relationship, relationship, relationship

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    stress free tips, tips for romance, surprise your partner to the best, Life partner

    Surprise your partner to the best... 30 October 2012

    One that always keeps my mood awaken, is Surprise... be it me receiving or being at the other end... and what more exciting could be than surprising your partner/boyfriend??? Rather than picking up that favorite shirt/watch or shades of his,...

    Keywords: surprise your partner, tips for romance, surprise your partner, de stress

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    empathy, life partner, faith in your relationship over doubt, Life partner

    Faith in your relationship over doubt... 29 October 2012

    Our world is changing rapidly, and so are our spiritual relationships with loved ones. Over the past two decades, the stigma of the New Age search for inner spirituality has faded. What once seemed outrageous is now standard fare on...

    Keywords: creativity, hope, tips for relationship, hope

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    marriage power, husbands love, power of marriage, Life partner

    Power of marriage... 07 November 2012

    If you have 100 reasons for let go off your marriage, let me give you 7 to beleive the Power of marriage... 1. It can heal you. Sometimes I realize my husband's love has slowly but surely healed parts of...

    Keywords: love, pregnancy, marriage, romance

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    Prabhas going to tie a knot, Badrinath, prabhas ready for three knots, Life partner

    Prabhas ready for three knots 01 June 2013

    Prabhas announced that he is going to tie a knot that is called moodu mullu (three knots) in Telugu very soon within a year.  At last the hero with well chiseled body is going to become a hubby of lucky...

    Keywords: life partner, life partner, Prabhas, Bahubali

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