Afraid of a break up??? Stop it now...

September 24, 2012 17:59
Afraid of a break up??? Stop it now...

All relationships lose their initial spark as the relationship grows and people start looking for a relationship rescue as this starts affecting the enthusiasm of the relationship. This is already when one should think of how to stop a break up as the relationship starts being taken for granted.

This stage may see more arguments than good time together. Some just seem not to say much to each other or just fall into a daily routine. But you don’t have to leave it this way.

Most people try to rekindle the romance that was there at the beginning like intimate dinners, but it is difficult to address the inner, emotional reasons of the strained relationship. Discussing it may also not help very much and may lead to arguments and make the situation worst.

Fortunately, there are techniques that are available for you to use instead of ever getting into a position of dealing with breaking up and getting over heartbreak.

1. Appreciation

While your partner could do nothing wrong at the romantic stage of the relationship, once you settle it the focus moves to the things that irritate or annoy you. Unfortunately, focusing on all the negative aspects of your partner can often bring about a feeling of resentment, which can lead to arguments and eventually the destruction of the relationship.

It's important to try and find things in your partner that you appreciate. You might appreciate their kindness or their sense of humor or their intelligence or whatever attribute attracted you to them in the first place. There may be negatives but there will also be positives if you look for them.

2. Awareness

Live each day of your relationship as though it was the last day you have with your partner. Accidents happen when we least expect them. While this doesn't mean it's

going to happen to you, consider how you’d feel if something did happen and today really was the final day you had together.

What would you regret most? What would you wish you'd said or done or changed if you never had the opportunity to do them again?

Your answers to those questions should be the very same things you need to be doing with your partner each and every day. When you live each day as though it was your last, the romance will return almost immediately.

3. Communication

Your partner can't read your mind. Sitting in silence letting a problem brew until you're at bursting point won't make your partner see problems any more clearly and it can compound the negative emotions within you.

Communicate with your partner about your expectations, your needs, your goals and ambitions, your disappointment and anger. Communication is about letting the other person know what you’re feeling in a clear, non-blaming manner so that you can both be sure you’re on the same page.

It is all about how to stop your breakup by finding ways to be sure you understand and appreciate the little things you do for each other instead of focusing on the negatives. Show your partner your appreciation and support and build up a great relationship.

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