Faith in your relationship over doubt...

October 29, 2012 19:46
Faith in your relationship over doubt...

Our world is changing rapidly, and so are our spiritual relationships with loved ones.

Over the past two decades, the stigma of the New Age search for inner spirituality has faded. What once seemed outrageous is now standard fare on Oprah and common practice among many Americans.

As you search within for God and your inner spirit, these personal revelations change how you relate to others. When you discover peace, love, and faith within, you start to recognize these qualities in others. On the spiritual journey, you find that the comfort you once sought from others has always existed within yourself.

Now when you enter into a relationship, it's less about someone else fulfilling your needs, and more about two equal and complete people creating a life together. Instead of asking yourself, "What can this person give me," you seek spiritual guidance by asking, "What can we create together?"

From a spiritual perspective, relationships are supported by three important elements guided by the principles of love - empathy, hope, and creativity:

Empathy: A willingness to extend yourself into another person’s created world, accepting the other person's reality and creations as real.

Hope: The ability to hold the other person in hopeful anticipation, recognizing his or her great potential as a human being and as a spiritual being.

Creativity: The willingness to use your creative energy to create a unique world, a distinct reality together.

In this new world, we are creators. Through an equal partnership, you can explore your inner spiritual heart and put your wisdom into action in service of your relationship. By creating a world together, you bring forth into tangible form the spiritual forces you desire to bless your life - love for yourself and others, faith in the goodness of humanity, and joy in living in harmony with others.

A spiritual relationship pushes you to new heights, challenging you to release attachments to old definitions of wife, husband, mother, and father. As a whole and complete person, you bring your own unique energy to the relationship. Union with another person becomes more about choice - you choose to spend time together, you choose how your lives will intersect, and you choose how to create your reality.

By choice, two distinctive hearts bring the presence of the sacred divine into tangible form. It takes faith to create a life with another person. Spiritual relationships are a lesson in creation.

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