Deal with 'age gap' factor in your relationship...

November 15, 2012 15:57
Deal with 'age gap' factor in your relationship...

When we talk of age differences in relationships, we are reminded of celebrity couples like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. It makes us wonder whether age differences really matter in relationships or not. You need to consider the foundation of the relationship to get the answer to this question. If the two partners in a relationship are honest with their intentions, there is no reason why age difference should create problem in a relationship.
Older man going after a young woman in order to re-assure his sense of vanity for sexual attraction or a younger man hoping to get close to an older woman as a means of seeking security are recipes for disaster if you want a long-term relationship. On the other hand, relationship based on parallel interests, compatible values and a strong chemistry is much more likely to withstand the complications of long-term relation despite the age difference.
The opposites of more energy and spark in the younger person on one hand and the emotional stability of the older partner at times works to the advantage of such a relationship. There is a flip side to it of course. The partners do not find it easy to adjust to each other’s friends and family. These questions need to be resolved with patience, understanding. Some tips given below can be helpful for your relationship-
Dealing with Age Differences in a Relationship
Always remember not to be conscious about your age in such a relationship. Do not brag about your younger partner or start acting as a parent to him/her. Younger partners should likewise try to behave as equal.

Issues of low self esteem can result in older men and women seeing younger woman or man respectively.  This is because the older partner is always going to fear that a younger prospect would end their relationship. As younger partner, you should always re-assure your older mate about with love and concern.

Manage your interests judiciously. Since they are not likely to be the same, reserve alternate weekends for pursuing different interests together. Younger partner may like staying late nights for dinner or movie while older one may be content with a book and television at home. Allow for the difference with an open mind.

In a case of considerable age difference between two partners, there will always be someone or the other reminding the partners about their age and expressing disapproval. Some may even try to stress on reconsidering. This will be the test of your relationship and how committed to your decision. Bear in mind that compatibility is more important than age to make relationships work.

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